Just what IS “devolution”?

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Yes. That word “devolution” —  in the English language for a long time, but largely unnoticed and unused — seems to be entering the lexicon exactly as signs of break-up of centralized entities proceed apace.

For a clear, cogent summation of what “devolution” means in Patel Patriot’s researches, see Praying Medic, who was one of the primary trusted decoders of Q material.

His summation begins: The word “devolution” as it is used in the context of government is the delegation of powers from a central government to regional entities.

Another Praying Medic post ends with him basically saying that he’s not a constitutionalist, because there’s no way we can return to what we had before, given changed circumstances. Interesting, especially as we suffer through this unprecedented extended Plutonian moment in U.S. history when if this nation does rebirth itself, what will that mean, exactly? I theorized a few years ago that one result of this first ever Return of Pluto to its natal place in the U.S. chart may well herald the dissolution of the massively bloated federal government into smaller regional units — and beyond: i.e., increasing decentralization.

I prefer the word “decentralisation” to “devolution,” because from a very young age, I have felt my own evolutionary thrust and purpose, and tend to extend that energetic pulse to all of creation. To “devolve,” in the context I tend to think it in, implies not just backward motion, but failure to thrive.

But that may just be me.

Or is it?

This new mask mandate may be just what we the people in the U.S. need to light a fire under our collective ass and . . . devolt — as in revolt!

Another example of threatened federal government devolution (I mentioned Missouri citizens’ revolt against mask mandate in first post yesterday), though it has not yet been called that, check this out, USPO unions repulsing Buy-den puppet’s “vaccine mandate” for all federal employees.

Postal Workers Union Delivers Stunning Blow to Joe Biden’s Dictatorial Impulses: End Vaccine Mandates

And how about this one?

Dozens of House Republicans, staffers, march to senate floor to protest mask mandate

In a post entitled “Nope, I won’t mask up again” David Patron discovered that that not only did Buy-den mandate masks again, but . . .

“Last March, I followed the CDC’s advice and got fully vaccinated against COVID-19. I did so more out of a sense of civic duty than any actual fear that I might contract the virus. It was just an easy and scientifically sound way to help slow its spread. Naturally, I was delighted when the CDC finally announced that fully vaccinated people could safely participate in indoor and outdoor activities without wearing inconvenient and clinically useless face masks. Now, the CDC has reversed itself and issued new guidance telling 163.6 million fully vaccinated Americans to put our masks back on. Sorry, no sale.

“First, the CDC published no data supporting its bizarre reversal. The Washington Post reports: “In the text of the updated masking guidance, the agency merely cited ‘CDC COVID-19 Response Team, unpublished data, 2021.’” Moreover, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is struggling to produce a plausible explanation. She claimed without evidence on ABC News that “new science” has emerged showing that fully vaccinated people should be masking.

“Meanwhile, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) points out that the CDC decision was based on a defective study involving a vaccine that hasn’t been approved in the U.S.:

“The “game-changer” data the CDC used for the mask mandate is from a single study from India. The study was rejected in peer review. . . . And just before the new decision was made, the study’s status was mysteriously changed — it no longer listed the study as “rejected after peer review.” The site said it was a “glitch.” Pretty convenient glitch. . . . The “party of science” isn’t listening to science. They never have. This latest mask guidance is proof. But Democrats don’t care. Because this isn’t about public health. It’s about public control.”


I’d say David Patron is being red-pilled, big time.

Or, short version of the above, worth repeating. Yup, the Covid Con!

I’d say the CDC’s fake excuses and made up reasons are on the devolution swing . . .

Finally, check out Q posts that point to devolution . . .







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