Fraud Fauci to be Honored by Indiana University!

Note: To flesh out the title, see the finale to this post

Hmmm . . . did you know that the fully vaccinated new president of IU is (was?) ill with a “mild case” of Covid? That was a front page headline in our local paper a few days ago. Here’s NPR, with stress on her “fully vaccinated” status.

Oh but wait. Maybe she has the flu? No. Couldn’t be. Remember, according to “scientific authorities,” there were ZERO cases of flu in the U.S. last year. True? What? Yep. That’s what “they” claimed. I imagine that “trend” continues as skewed statistics on the Covid Culprit continue to con the compliant 56% of the American public who, to date, have had at least one clot shot.

Plus, of course Whitten couldn’t have the flu, because that wouldn’t have been front page news as fear-porn Covid continues to dominate headlines.

But wait a minute! It turns out that the CDC is now backtracking on the PCR test, which those in the know know, according to its inventor (who died under mysterious circumstances in August 2019)  should NOT be used for diagnosis —  and yet Fauci used it to “diagnose” HIV back in the ’80s, and now uses it to “diagnose” Covid false positives when amplified beyond 35 cycles. Yep! Now the CDC has finally decided to go for a testing regime that differentiates between Covid and the flu. Wait a minute . . . What? You mean it’s NOT true that there were no flu deaths last year?

Way back in December 2020, the WHO began to question the diagnostic value of the PCR test.

WHO (finally) admits PCR tests create false positives

But it took until now for the CDC to admit the same thing. Hmmm . . . the timing was interesting . .

CDC Declares Old PCR Tests Must Go After George Soros & Bill Gates Buy New COVID Testing Company

The interval between the two announcements? Five days. Five days! July 19th the Soros/Gates purchase, July 24th the CDC announcement. Could the likely collusion be any more obvious?


Pit pull Rand Paul continues his evisceration of the veracity of Fuhrer Fauci.

Rand Paul Slams Fauci for Not Answering Questions; It Was Ad Hominem Attack with Him Simply Calling Names

Meanwhile, this really is hard to believe. In fact, it made me sick to my stomach.

Indiana University to Honor Fauci with Distinguished Leadership

Remember virologist Dr. Judy Mikovitz, who worked under Fauci for decades? Here’s what she said back in April 2020.

HIV/AIDS Research Pioneer Dr. Judy Mikovits Blows Whistle on Dr. Fauci



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