August 1, 2021: Here we go again . . . THE CUNNING COVID CON

Wow. And on the VERY FIRST day of August!

. . . in all public spaces. No mention of social distancing yet, or of limits on crowd sizes.

This literally makes my blood boil. I hope I’m not the only one in this leftist academic town who feels that way. Already, I’m wondering whether I should be the one to lead the charge locally in deciding to refuse to wear a mask at the grocery store while wearing my new Medical Mask Exemption Card around my neck.

Closer . . .

If I do decide to do this, then I would want someone present to film the encounter.

It may not be my role. Will think on it.

Meanwhile, from the same top headline article, which of course, says it’s “following CDC guidelines,” there is, of course, the usual urgent message to get the vax. Because . . .

Brian Shockney, IU Health South Central Region President, said in IU Health’s southern region more than 99% of hospitalizations due to Covid-19 are unvaccinated individuals. He cited Indiana Department of Health data indicating 94.3% of samples are the delta variant of the disease, which scientists have found is 50% more transmissible than the original strain.

They do not go on to say that the so-called “delta variant,” like most mutations of any virus, is less deadly than the supposed original (which I’m still not convinced actually exists).

Then there’s the “hospitalizations due to Covid-19:” my question, do hospitals still make money off “Covid-19” diagnoses?

Then there’s the so-called PCR test, which does not do what the bought-and-paid-for experts claim it does. Remember, Gary Mullis (now deceased), who invented that test, said that it cannot be used to diagnose disease.

In fact, the pcr test itself is extremely dangerous to one’s health, given that the swab may break the blood-brain barrier, and thus create an opening for pathogens, especially when wearing a mask diaper!

I listened to a remarkable podcast last night by Mike Adams that really brings home what the PCR test does and doesn’t do.

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot echoes my discovery.

Then there’s this. Merely one current example of how censorship shuts down truth.

Meanwhile, the promised revolt begins.

Still think I’m crazy for being “hesitant” to either get the test or take the vax? Get a load of this, which echoes a recent post on graphene oxide.


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  1. thymia17 says:

    Hey, Ann – over here in Ohio (& in many states) there is a quiet movement organizing to overturn all these mandates (they’re usually based on emergency powers). The woman who started it is a naturopath, Dr Pam Popper of Make Americans Free Again. You have Leah Wilson in Indy of Stand for Health Freedom, another natural health practitioner. When you first mentioned the movie “Plandemic” last year, I thought it was a hoax, I was a believer. Slowly I learned the real story. Isn’t David Martin great? And Naomi Wolf, who knew?! And Christiane Northrup of the “Dangerous 12” and Alison McDowell and and and? Nice card, though! Oh and that elegant, amazing spokeswoman, Vera Sharav- I could go on.

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