Yesterday morning: “my” (?) panoramic sky show over Bloomington

Just what in yesterday morning’s sky over Bloomington Indiana, isn’t weird? Feels to me like a few chem trails, mixed in with ET clouds and trails, clearing them — much more of the latter than the former — plus a long, undulating, cloaked ship of some kind, a weird “witness ship in hiding,” some cloaked scout ships, and god knows what else!

I put this iPhone show in chronological order, all taken on my walk on and near the IU campus with puppy Shadow between 8:30 and 9:30 am. I’d take them a few at a time, standing in one spot, looking at various portions of the sky. Here’s where I stood the first time.

Notice, in the above shot, a weird straggly cloud line forming, with a definite edge on its bottom. As I recall, the puffy (scout?) clouds below were starting to move into position to form part of the undulating wavy cloud .

See below, where, few minutes later, the long, undulating cloud is getting really serious.

Below, here is that undulation again, forming.

See below, the hard edge on the undulating cloud’s bottom.

Below, the eastern part of the undulation.

Below, the middle part of the undulation.

Below, the southwestern part of the undulation.

From the south, this is the kind of sky that was moving in.

Below, what I consider to be the single weirdest photo, though I didn’t realize that when I took it. Sure does look like a ghostly ship behind the cloud sheen that looks almost like sheets of mist . . .

Just ahead of what’s moving in. Notice, there are still chem trails (or are they ET clearance trails?) Notice, in one section, two parallel trails. WTF?

Cloud that looks like a breast with a nipple.

More of what’s coming in, still with trails of some kind. (I never did see any plane or other sky ship making any of the trails on that day.)

Notice the saucer shaped holes near the horizon in the same clouds coming in from the south . . .

More of the same sheet-mist effect, with trails . . .

The “nipple” starts to dissolve. The cloud to the right of it is the remains of the undulation earlier.

One final shot, looking northeast, still with trails.

Looking back on this spatio-temporal panorama, I can’t help but be struck by how it seemed like a show, put on for me, with a beginning, middle, and end, with the “undulation” the star of the show, the ghostly cloud the witness, and all the rest of it having to do with cleaning up all the gunk we keep putting up there. That it happened on the day after the evening when I heard the weird “thankyouAnn” in my head seemed connected . . .

This reminds me of the man in Italy, who, whenever he looks out his attic window with a camera mounted on a tripod, a UFO slides into view! That’s been going on for years. Wish I could remember his name. And it reminds me of the night I went out into the Nevada desert at the 2010 UFO Congress with other observers, to see if we could see UFOs with night vision goggles. Geez! Did we ever see them! All over the place. The man (don’t remember his name either) who takes groups out knew we would see them. Why? Are they always there? Only there? Everywhere? Or do they follow him around? It reminds me of Stan Romanek, and the constant strange phenomena he is subjected to. Reminds me of George Adamski and the ships that, over the years, would whisk him away and back; and others, who suffer abductions, over and over again. And some who, like Whitley Streiber, realize that what he saw originally as abductions, now feel more like greetings. That his fear was shaping his experience.

My mentor in graduate school tried to guide me into doing my Ph.D. dissertation in philosophy on the role of “expectations” in perception. I didn’t take him up on it, not recognizing, at the time, the paradigm-shattering idea that there is no such thing as objectivity, a “reality” that exists apart from our relationship to it.

Our inner worlds form mental clouds that materialize into what we still refer to as “the outer world” into density. Change our expectations, and reality shape shifts.

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