Yesterday, GOOD NEWS! twice: Keystone Pipeline and SOPA/PIPA (temporarily) derailed

How often, in this “new world order” which appears to be rapidly accelerating into chaos, do we experience what seem to be two political/ethical victories in one day?

And both very much due to extreme, unrelenting pressure applied by we the people.

Here’s Robert Redford in huff post on why we still need to keep abreast of what’s going on with the pipeline, why this story is by no means over: President Obama Stands Up to Big Oil.

Likewise, as this warning reads in the L.A. Times, SOPA and PIPA have been only temporarily slowed down: SOPA and PIPA opponents warn the bills are not dead yet.

You might want to spend fourteen minutes with this TED video to educate yourself to be prepared for the continued onslaught of those who want us all back on the couch without remotes.

From my notes to this video: “Most people in the U.S. over the age of 12 share stuff with each other online. . . PIPA and SOPA want to go anywhere in the world and censor content. We’re the people getting policed. The real threat to the enactment of these is our inability to share things with one another. Suddenly, it will be ‘guilty until proven innocent.’ This is the internet they have in mind.”


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