How many realize that Trump’s Summer Solstice tweet about stopping a drone strike as retaliation for the latest false flag attack was “not proportionate” due to the probable loss of 150 lives has changed the war game forever? Read the second tweet first:

I invite you to think back to Obama’s Monday morning drone strikes. 100 targets on his “kill list” each time. (And who objected?) At least this is what I remember. Can’t find the source now. However, The Drone Papers gives a rundown on how the drone kill list had a chain of command approving each target, with Obama signing off on each one.

That report focuses on drone strikes in Yemen and Somalia. Meanwhile, there were the 193 drone strikes on Pakistan authorized by Obama from when he took office in 2009 through early 2011.

Meanwhile, check this out, an extremely detailed and documented history of false flags used to start wars.

Read THIS Before Cheering the Next War

Caitlin Johnson is right. The very fact that false flags (and attendant MSM complicity) are needed to start wars shows that the American people do NOT want them.

The Fact That Americans Need to Be Deceived Into War Proves Their Underlying Goodness

However, check out these words of caution from Paul Craig Roberts:

What Caitlin overlooks is that there is something desperately wrong with Americans that they can be consistently fooled again, and again, and again, and yet again, and never catch on.Their gullibility is especially difficult to comprehend in face of the 21st century’s concentrated dose of deceptions—9/11, Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Iranian nukes, Russian invasions, MH-17, the long list of lies about Gaddafi, the bombings of Pakistan, Maduro starving his own people–one deception rapidly following the other and never does a doubt arise in the good Americans’ minds.

I agree with both of them. On the one hand Americans don’t want war, and on the other hand, they have been, until now, easily deceived by the MSM, which has served as a handmaiden to warmongering, delivering FAKE NEWS, something that DJT has trumpeted, over and over again, in order to counter its effect.

To my mind, except for weapons manufacturers, banksters, politicians, alphabet agencies, and others who profit from war, both the American people and their President, Donald Trump, DO NOT WANT WAR. Period. This is new. After hundreds of years on this planet, this nation is finally beginning to wake up to “false flags” (a phrase now in common parlance), and its now time to transform its perceptions of how to use the extreme, inventive Mars/Uranus in Gemini energy on the Descendant of its natal chart. The U.S. has always projected this energy out, onto its “enemies,” seeing “threats” everywhere that it must counter with more and more diabolical weapons. Instead, we need to take back the projection, integrate the intense innovative talent that it represents, so that our inventive energy can transform into new technologies that are creative and regenerative, for both people and planet as a whole.

No doubt the coming Pluto return (2020-25), heralded during this year and next, by the rare 30 year transit of Saturn conjuncting the 248 year transit of Pluto, only three degrees from the natal Pluto in the U.S. natal chart, is responsible for this slowly emerging metamorphosis.

This nation, which has been at war over 93% of its lifetime, needs to learn to regain its own self-worth (second house) by employing its power (Pluto) in a less destructive, less imposing, less dominating manner. There is no choice. It’s either that or blow up the whole world. As Trump says about Bolton:

Trump Unleashes on Uber-Hawk Bolton: “We’d be fighting the whole world at one time.”

His actual words: “John Bolton is absolutely a hawk. If it was up to him he’d take on the whole world at one time.” You might watch that entire Meet the Press episode. It clearly shows that Trump wants to get out of the Middle East altogether. “We’ve spent 7 trillion dollars in the Middle East.”

Why does Trump keep Bolton on? Because, he says, in order to make decisions he stays informed of “both sides.”

Oh and BTW: Check out the X-22 Report from last night. Trump seems to be positioning the U.S. to get out of the petrodollar which, one could argue, is what has kept the wars going in the Middle East all these years.



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  1. James says:

    >>there is something desperately wrong with Americans that they can be
    >>consistently fooled again, and again, and again, and yet again, and never catch on

    Yes, he is correct. But it’s not just terminal Cluelessness. Here’s a partial list of things that, taken all together, put most Americans on overload to the point where their spirit, powers of critical thinking and innate curiosity are just completely shut down…

    a) Fluoride and who knows what else in the public water supplies

    b) Hundreds of other toxic substances, esp neuro-toxins (aspartame, anyone) in the commercial food supply

    c) Mass over-prescription of harmful ‘psych meds’ for anything & everything

    d) Metals (aluminum, etc, Alzheimer’s for everyone!) and other toxic substances aerially sprayed on us every day

    e) Brainwave entrainment courtesy of the mass media on television, the movies, probably a lot of what’s on YouTube, and the increasingly ever-present wifi signals (they just can’t wait to force smart meters everyone and locate 5G transmitters every 200 ft)

    f) Pure exhaustion from having to work multiple jobs or 60 hr weeks on a single job, just to scrape by, and no time to think about the ‘big picture’ or anything really, other than bare survival

    So yeah, we’re kind of handicapped…..

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, which is why I have striven for decades to learn how to live “below money” as far as possible, since fiat money is the scrim that covers the natural world and prevents so many people from connecting with their own life force. The addiction to “money” as the Bottom Line. Money is NOT the bottom line. It is a mirage that we “buy into” via unconscious consent and agreement. And yet, and yet! The awareness of false flags as a phenomenon IS increasing, even in addled, preoccupied, distracted, medicated American minds and hearts.

  2. Jo Thompson says:

    James is totally correct. Americans are not the people of yesteryear. The American people do not feel well and this is expressed both physically and psychologically. We have been utterly betrayed and led astray from within, regardless of one’s moral stance. For too long we have believed in God and Country. The country is dead. We should only have declared our belief in God. He, through those that have pure hearts, is the only one you can provide us with both the leadership we need and a safe haven for the times we live in. My heart and soul grieve for the nation I knew as a child. My own offspring also grieve but they never got to know it at all.

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