Ye gods! Coming right up! Sensors stuffed inside pills . . .

My sister Mary just sent me this. Geez! If vaccines harbor mercury and god knows what else, and if pharmaceuticals in general hurt more than they heal, what are the ethical implications of this next generation of “pills”?

Einstein: “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity” — not to mention our wisdom.

Disruptions: Medicine That Monitors You

By NICK BILTONnytblogExcerpt:

SAN FRANCISCO — They look like normal pills, oblong and a little smaller than a daily vitamin. But if your doctor writes a prescription for these pills in the not-too-distant future, you might hear a new twist on an old cliché: “Take two of these ingestible computers, and they will e-mail me in the morning.”

As society struggles with the privacy implications of wearable computers like Google Glass, scientists, researchers and some start-ups are already preparing the next, even more intrusive wave of computing: ingestible computers and minuscule sensors stuffed inside pills.

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  1. John says:

    HI Ann,

    This is disturbing as we watch the revelations of Edward Snowdon unveil the true depth of how far and long we have been duped by our own government we see this sort of news buried in the blogs that should be cause for concern but where is our media? The media is busy in trying to figure out where Edward Snowdon is (kinda like Where’s Waldo) they are not asking questions of the NSA or the Obama administration to explain this violation of our privacy. Diversion that is what this is pure and simple (in my opinion) meanwhile is NSA burning all the evidence, erasing all the files? These little pills may appear to be innocuous but are they? If your doctor can tell what your health condition might be based upon real-time data management, how else might these be used? Can this pill be disguised as something else? Drones in our skys the size of mosquitos, monitors in our electronics (computers, cars, phones) so is this the next thing?

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