YE GODS! 70% of Americans are prescription drug-addled

Update: just realized that the numbers are identical: 70% of Americans hate their work and 70% of Americans take prescription drugs. SAME 70%?

No wonder so many Americans are sick, in pain, can’t think straight, haven’t actually encountered their own authentic emotions for years, feel chronically awful, can’t sleep, walk around like zombies, have no energy and drink too much coffee and sugar to compensate, hate their jobs, eat fast food because they don’t have time to cook and besides, they want to sit for hours to zone out of their unlived lives to get even more “programmed” by TV and video games and internet porn and violence, are horribly lonely and even suicidal, ignore the natural world and their own beleaguered bodies except to crank them full of drugs, sex, junk food and drink, have empty wallets, and troop constantly to their nearest CVS. (Not one, but two of these awful stores lie within a quarter mile of me.) Oh yes, and crave beer, wine and other “spirits” in lieu of a spiritual life, and . . . oh yes, are basically bored, or afraid, worried, or full of resentment. Did I miss something?

Perhaps getting off prescription drugs is the first step to personal freedom?

70% of Americans on prescription Drugs

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2 Responses to YE GODS! 70% of Americans are prescription drug-addled

  1. Yes, you missed ignorance, stress and obesity which result from poor nutrition and thinking habits. 🙂 No, I’m sure you didn’t miss those things, you were wise enough to avoid. I an glad to here that 30% are not on perscriptions drugs… although I believe that only a very small percentage have escaped belief systems which are crippling them and the country in other ways.

    • Yes, I deliberately didn’t say obesity, though I did think of adding “either too thin or too fat, or they think so, and either way they hate their bodies”. Stress yeah, that’s kind of implied. As is ignorance. But you know, I think the entire situation can reverse, and indeed, is reversing, the more truth that comes out. The Howard Beales of the world are definitely “mad as hell” and they’re “not going to take it anymore.”

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