Wow! Derek Paravicini on the piano, PLAYING.

Ever since this small blind boy who couldn’t talk shoved a music teacher off his bench and took over karate-style, elbows and fists flying; ever since this same teacher heard him roaring inside, “Help me! Teach me!” — we have been blessed with his blossoming.

This video made my day. Thanks, Rich!

It makes me wonder just how “off” are ALL our “categories of understanding” — of the mind, relationships, emotions, communication, personal development — on and on. To call him an “idiot savant” or “musical savant” doesn’t begin to fathom just who this beautiful being is and is becoming.

And feel the fluid love that illumines 60 Minutes anchor Leslie Stahl’s face as she revels in Derek Paravicini, playing.


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  1. Lyndon @ CLS says:

    He’s truly amazing. I’m English and he doesn’t pop up on the news that much, but it’s a delight when he does.

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