Wisconsin shooting illuminates Greer’s Disclosure Project

Update: And see this. Reminds me of this. Again the parallel to Colorado.

Re: the Wisconsin Shooting in the Sikh Temple:

Once again, planned, designed, orchestrated. “Lone shooter” as mind-controlled (drugged?) stooge. Used to set up more distraction, fear, chaos, make people actually demand a police state to feel “safe.”

Just as in Colorado shooting, two weeks ago (somebody somewhere said it was seven days prior to the Olympics beginning, with this one seven days prior to its ending: meaningful? significant?), the police arrive immediately, in full force, clanking around in all the new gear supplied to them by, who was it, TSA? left-over gear from the military? Can’t remember, but boy they sure do come equipped these days for mayhem.

Oh, and just in case we don’t get the connection with Colorado, this supposed shooter, a 40-year-old Army Vet, Wade Michael Page, supposedly lived on Holmes Avenue in nearby Cudahy, Wisconsisin . . .

But then, why now, exactly?

Poofness, in a typically cryptic post from yesterday: “Something huge happened last night.” What? What do they need to cover up with this bloody timed distraction?

And why Oak Creek, Wisconsin? And why Sikh? Well, of course, to instill fear of “the other,” as usual, since it’s only when we dehumanize people that we can destroy them with impunity. See this.

Then I came across a notice, I think first on godlikeproductions.com, that Steven Greer’s film director’s father died in the shootout.

This news confirmed this morning on Dr. Greer’s Blog.

Now we have the kind of specific, in-your-face motive that was supplied by the news that James Holmes father was set to testify at Libor [Update, 8/9/12: a reader has informed me that this link no longer works. You might google that phrase, for other sources]. And again, a father/son connection.

Sudden thought. This sacrifice of the father might be what actually propels the Sirius film that Greer and his filmmaker are set to make into the mainstream. The connection between the ET presence and suppressed free energy technologies has long been what Green has sought to bring into the open. His groundbreaking 2001 Disclosure Project press event happened, unfortunately, on May 9, 2001, only three months prior to 9/11 (and who knows, might have helped to set the date for that orchestrated event), which effectively killed any momentum it might have gathered as news.

Just as time runs faster now and events thud into manifestation at closer and closer intervals, so the Sirius film project was fully funded on kickstarter on June 12, 2012 and “The historic film Sirius will be made!”

And now, less than two months later, we have the Wisconsin shooting that killed the film director’s father.

Will the film still be made?

Will the father of James Holmes still testify?

That’s how they keep control, by “focusing on the family,” and our need to protect our loved ones.

Here’s a trailer for the Sirius film. Let’s hope this latest illuminati drama/tragedy will backfire and actually set this film up to be viewed by seven billion people.

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  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Ann, do you have another link to the Holmes Sr./LIBOR article? The link does not work.

    • Joy, thanks for letting me know that the link no longer works. I have updated the post to reflect that and to ask the reader to google the phrase “Robert Holmes set to testify about Libor”: there are lots of sources for this information on the web.

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