Will today’s New Moon signal the sudden end of this Impeachment fiasco?


Am I crazy to think that I might have been right in my last post, which used astrology to “predict” —

February IMPEACHMENT, Days 9 thru 14? Or will the New Moon on Thursday turn the tide.


— that this (second) Impeachment sham might just break apart into disarray? Even today? Thus honoring the (unpredictable, wild card, unruly) Uranus-ruled New Moon in Aquarius?  Why? Because ANYTHING to prevent Trump’s attorneys from presenting their case, scheduled for Friday and Saturday. 

Given that, from what I’ve heard, the Demos are already embarrassed by what’s gone down during this absurdist show trial that distracts our fraying nation from the wrecking ball of the faux Buyden administration, plus, as ever, uses time, energy, taxpayer money ad nauseam, continuing the ignominious record of the last four years — Russia Russia Russia, Impeachment #1, Covid-19 scare to drive FEAR and wreck the then booming economy, and so on; and especially, given that Trump had likely planned to use this occasion to finally get mainstream media to cover evidence re: the stolen election (that so far the courts have refused to cover!) — as background to the occasion which brought the hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters to Washington on January 6 in the first place; not to mention that more and more news is being unearthed that the so-called “insurrection,” was actually planned ahead by the deep state as one more effort to take Trump down; yeah, I’d say that’s my best guess. It will just stop, abruptly aborted, possibly even during this afternoon’s New Moon in (unruly, disruptive, sudden changes) Uranus-ruled Aquarius.

But of course, I might be wrong.

But you know? I’d be shocked (Uranus) if they allowed it to continue, given my reasoning above . . .

In any case, either way, shock!

But so what? No matter how it comes about, this Impeachment debacle is done.

So what’s next?

This is the GREAT UNKNOWN.

And yet . . .

The more each of us works to envision, intend, and begin to manifest, each in our own unique specific manner that is in accord with our own original nature, a more localized, decentralized, cooperative world, the sooner this deep state/big gov control trip will have to give way to the will of We the People. And I say this, no matter who’s in “power.” That’s not the kind of power we want. That’s top down, “power over;” this is bottom up, “power from within.”

For me, it’s continuing to nourish this little Green Acres Permaculture Village.

And you? If not focusing locally already, then just begin. Take one single baby step in the direction of your dreams. Once we agree to follow our nature, nature takes care of us. You’ll find out! It’s magic! The world rearranges itself to support your strong, centered, determined, intention to work, right here, right now, for the good of the whole.

What drives you? What makes you happy?  START THERE.

What both fascinates you and yet makes you secretly fearful — that you might “fail” (so what? Pick yourself up and start again, having learned from that “mistake”); that you will “ruin your reputation” (so what? That job, or those friends. or partners, must not be the right ones). You are a strong, centered, individual, working cooperatively with other strong, centered individuals. NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS, sign of cooperative group effort.

Here, this evening, our weekly GAPV Community Dinner.

At this Overhill house.

I’m baking the chicken.




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