Wild dolphins help humans

Given how we’ve treated dolphins — slaughtering them, capturing them for entertainment and naval ops, my question is why? Why do they still help us?

Some say dolphins are ETs, that they live in the 5th dimension of unconditional love.

I first realized that dolphins help humans in 1990. I was on the island of Santorini, at an old ruin there called Akrotiri. As I recall, I was stunned to stand in front of a wall painting that contained the image of a dolphin with a small human — as if it was carrying the human? — through the sea. Just now I googled and couldn’t find that image. Here’s one that’s famous from that site.

Akrotiri Frescoes. Santorini. Cyclades. Greece

Meanwhile, there are lots of stories about dolphins helping humans. Here’s one that’s current.

Dolphins Protect Long-Distance Swimmer From Great White Shark


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