Who, really, IS Donald Trump? And why does it matter?

For Trump haters who can manage to detach from their (likely unconscious) ego-projection onto the persona of Donald Trump, and can thus arrive at the place where they sit “on the fence” re: the role of Donald Trump at this crucial time in world history, please listen to minutes 6 through 14 of the following video. Lorie Ladd claims to receive her info from “the Galactic Federation of Light,” and, as a never-Trumper herself, was utterly shocked at what they told her about Trump. (Her sea change, and the need for all of us to rise above duality and polarization to a larger perspective, is what those first six minutes are about.) After minute 14, the video no longer interests me, since it begins to feel obvious. But those eight minutes between 6 and 14 are wonderfully, startlingly precise and, I feel, accurate. Thanks to Kauilapele for this video.

Okay, having gone through minutes 6-14 on the above video, now listen to the entirety of the following video, which details one person’s amazing assessment of how Trump has gone about dismantling the global swamp during his first term. Especially fascinating to me, his perspective on details of Trump’s world travels to various nations around the world to bring their leaders into alignment with  The Plan to Save the World — or else!

What we’ve got to remember: since the NSA “has it all” on everybody, then all Trump has to do is bring folders detailing the corruption of any nation with him when he visits, and threaten to declass. Result: They all fall in line, one by one.


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7 Responses to Who, really, IS Donald Trump? And why does it matter?

  1. Patricia Sullivan says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I wish you would repost the chart you made for Trump on his inauguration. It really was mind changing too.
    Eo you ever do astrology charts for individuals?

    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      I will look at Trump again soon. I do do charts for individuals, as I told you in a private email. Not many, however!

  2. D says:

    Thank you for this ! Really appreciate your information!

  3. Bee says:

    Came across the site in the past , don’t kno how I stumbled across it!
    I’m just glad I found it again!!!
    Thank you for sharing

    Should I be interested in a natal chart, how can I receive one?

  4. Natasha Betts says:

    This was so worth watching today. Thak you for posting the truth.


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