Whistleblower news whorls down a rabbit hole?

Lots swirling about re: Greenwald/Snowden flood and its possible import. For example:

Daniel Ellsberg Calls Edward Snowden A ‘Hero,’ Says NSA Leak Was Most Important In American History

Here’s Greenwald’s long text interview with Snowden:


Here’s some quotes pulled from that interview:


Here’s RT:

“Nothing will stop CIA, NSA from catching Snowden”

“Disappear him?”


A white house petition to pardon Snowden had 30,000 signatures by Monday night.


Activists rallied yesterday in NYC for Snowden.


But now we swirl closer to the rabbithole.

Jon Rappoport:


Is Snowden a CIA asset?


Snowden himself has checked out of his Hongkong hotel, whereabouts unknown. (AK: “Disappeared”?)


Reports are both Iceland and Russia may offer him asylum.

While the news is swirling so fast that I’m not bothering to load these pieces, I couldn’t help but show you this one here.



Oops! Did Obama just destroy the internet industry?

Let’s end with a song from a simpler day. Joan Baez, oh freedom:

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  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    Matthew Ward weighs in from the other side … with commentary at the top from Steve Beckow: http://aquariusparadigm.com/2013/06/11/matthews-message-via-suzy-ward-june-11-2013/

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