Whistleblower news, 6/23/13: Snowden leaves Hong Kong, protecting whistleblowers up to us — and more


A cursory look around to see what’s up today, as the Super Full Moon reaches it’s peak (7:32 A.M. EDT) and begins to recede.

New York Times: NSA leaker leaves Hong Kong, local officials say

Probably bound for Iceland, with a stop in Russia. Correction: South China Post says he’s bound for Venezuela (on a commercial flight to Russia, then Cuba, traveling with an assistant to wikileaks Julian Assange).

Meanwhile, here’s an excellent overview of the whistleblower situation and its context. Includes speculation on what killed Tim Russert, who was, apparently, about to speak publically about 9/11 — and much much more, connecting all kinds of dots.

Steve Beckow: Protecting Whistleblowers, It’s Up to Us

And here’s a very interesting overview of just why the “state,” which insists it has a monopoly on violence, hates those like Manning and Snowden who stand up to it, no matter what the cost to their own persons.

• Salon: Snowden’s real crime: Humiliating the state

Here’s the reason the NSA leaker will never be forgiven or forgotten: He stood up to power and embarrassed it

Oh, and I almost forgot. Whistle blows on bankster financial skullduggery again.

Alternet: Bank of America Whistle-blower Bombshell: “We Were Told to Lie” to Rip Off Borrowers

Bank of America whistle-blowers detail horrid schemes to fleece borrowers, reward staff for foreclosures.

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