Which future do you choose? Three versions.

More of the same — centralized, industrialized, corrupted, poisonous hell?

More of the same plus despair?

Or local, decentralized, open-sourced, intensely creative transformation.

Along with others, each of us one by one fearlessly activating our minds, hearts and souls, I choose the third option. Because even if we “lose,” even if we “don’t get there in time,” the point is, we pointed our noses, feet, and hands in the direction of truth, beauty, and regeneration. So that when we do “die” — and we will, no matter what we “do” or “don’t do” — we will let go and lift off with open hearts, singing.

This afternoon, I’m going to participate in, and hopefully, take photos of, three typical local transformative events: 1) with other Bloomington Time Bank members, move tools for our up and coming “tool share” to their new room at the Center for Sustainable Living; 2) participate in a children’s painting party for two new Little Free Libraries, one of them for the Green Acres Ecovillage, the other for the local hospital; and 3) participate in making the garden boxes that will grace three of the five new signs for the Green Acres Neighborhood. Oh, and then, at 6:30 p.m., I’ll hang out with an old friend here briefly from the Bay Area. Who knows what transformative ideas will be drummed up between the two of us!

BTW: Just noticed that Bloomington Indiana has a page on shareable.net.

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