Where, oh where, do our hard-earned taxes go?

For a few years, in the early ’80s, I was a declared tax resister. Then I changed my mind, realizing that if I was a tax resister, I basically couldn’t do anything else. That this ongoing action would take my life blood. Was this what I wanted? Now, over 30 years later, I wonder what would have happened had I continued.

Likewise, I wonder: would be possible for a certain percentage of U.S. citizens, to declare all at once, that from now on we refuse to pay federal taxes? Might enough of us make a difference by daring to refuse to support this war-mad, death-dealing Military Industrial Pharmaceutical Medical Academia corporate “government”?

Remember, there are way way way! — more of us than there are of them. But we do have to trust each other, and to organize.

Image: www.nationalpriorities.org

And of course, the above chart doesn’t count the black budget for special ops.

Black Budget: An Interview with Katherin Austin Fitts

Remember when Rumsfeld admitted, on September 10, 2001, exactly one day before 9/11,  that the Pentagon “cannot track 2.3 trillion in transactions”?

Pentagon Missing Trillions

The dramatic title to the following post is way too accurate:

NATO: Proudly Delivering Death since 1949

I’ve had the following image on my desktop for weeks now —


— knowing that at some point I would run it with some kind of post. Though it supposedly depicts U.S. “military bases” abroad, who knows how many of them are indistinguishable from NATO, which more and more appears to be a front for U.S. Empire’s fading hegemony over not just Europe but the whole world. A few years ago Thom Hartmann claimed that there were over 1000 places worldwide with a U.S. military presence. Ah yes, and here’s another more recent article that makes the same claim:

The Worldwide Network of Military Bases 

One does wonder just how we’ve managed so far to avoid a nuclear conflagration. With the exception of the amazing Vladimir Putin, who continuously ignores, refuses, or defuses all of Empire’s insane plots to ignite World War III, I doubt it’s because we’ve been wise. More likely, some kind of extraterrestrial or interdimensional power has prevented it — so far.

In case you aren’t aware of it, ETs have interferred with U.S. nuclear missiles on numerous occasions. Here’s recently deceased Edgar Mitchell on the subject:

“I have told several sources about my connections over the years with military officers manning missile silos during the Cold War with the Soviet Union who told me personally of UFOs hovering over their missile sites and disabling the missiles targeting the Soviet Union.”

For more, you might want to check out Robert Hastings book UFOs and Nukes.

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