Where do we center ourselves? In “beliefs”? Or in faith [trust].

Steve Beckow, today, wrote one of his wonderfully rousing speeches to the “lightworker” community that summarizes what he believes in, which is, essentially, statements made by certain channeled sources.

Is It That Bad?

While I appreciate his summation, and am interested in many of the same views (channeled or otherwise), I do not want to center myself in what I “believe.” Or not. I see any set of beliefs, any “belief system,” no matter what the source, as a sort of internal helmut made by the “mind,” a (temporary, it turns out) “that beyond which I cannot go.” While that belief or set of beliefs may offer comfort, a sense that “I know what’s going on,” the comfort only lasts as long as I don’t pop the bubble.

And yes, as a fiery “double Sagittarian,” my flaming arrow — like a truth-seeking missile, likes to prick! Whenever I recognize a bubble, I cannot help but pop it.

So. Whenever I find myself restlessly pacing around the inside of whatever mental fence I’ve — usually unconsciously — erected to make myself feel secure, safe, certain that I know what’s going on, experience shows me that this means I’m about to bust out. Simply, I can’t stomach the idea of any belief limiting my imagination, nor can I stick to one sort of funnel for “knowledge” as opposed to or better than others.

Instead, each day I spend an hour or two in various practices that center myself in the awareness of aliveness in my own body, this mysterious presence, this opening into spaciousness, for which I am forever grateful.

Also grateful for Eckhart Tolle, his public presence as a being and the language he uses to invoke awareness, rather than trumpet it.

From my notes: “Power is the one life that pervades the entire universe.” With faith [trust], you are consciously rooted in being. Beyond the person. Faith is the end of all fear. Fear means you haven’t moved beyond the realm of form. Only when you take yourself to be “this entity,” then you always feel threatened. When you realize you are not only connected to something much vaster, but you are that vastness, then you have faith.”

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