What’s the mood, three days out from the most consequential election in history?

Well, here in Green Acres Permaculture Village, which is as polarized politically as the rest of the nation (I see this tiny place as a fractal of the larger culture), we held an early Halloween party last night during our regular Thursday evening family dinner. But: except for Dan as “farmer Dan,” only two other podmates showed up in costume! Marita and Me.

Photo by Nicolas, Marita’s 11-year-old son.

I wore my Trump/JFK Jr. “outfit” — the totality of which I have yet to wear in public — and Marita got her costume by poking around at Goodwill. The suit for $6.50! Not bad! The tie, shirt and hair, all combined to turn her into Trump himself!

Neither of us knew what the other would be wearing. Neither of us knew, that except for Dan, we’d be the only ones to arrive in costume:  Marita hates Trump, thinks he’s a fool; I love Trump, think him a genius.

But wouldn’t ya know, here we are, the two of us, along with all the rest of us, laughing it up like crazy. Had a grand ol’ time, and will repeat on Halloween evening, when everybody else promises to be in costume too.

P.S. Psychic Utsava says both JFK Jr. and Assange will be working in the White House after November 3, probably in disguise, or in the background. That yes, JFK Jr. will take over the VP spot from Pence, who has agreed to the switch; and that Assange will be the new Press Secretary. Whee! She’s really gone out on a limb this time. Says, check out the situation in January, as she predicts both will have outed themselves by then.



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