WHAT’S REAL AND WHAT’S FAKE? “Governments are always prepping an agenda.”

Looking back on the past sixteen months, I’m amazed that more people don’t realize that the Covid Con was just that, concocted  in order to drive F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) into the minds, hearts and bones of  the 99%.

One only needs to consider two facts to realize that the CV FEAR nightmare was deliberately inserted, via a sustained MSM propaganda push, into the collective unconscious of humanity.

Fact Number One:  Back when this whole scamdamic took hold, in mid-March 2020, and Trump mentioned HCL (hydroxychloroquine) as a possible therapeutic, it was roundly denigrated as ridiculous by the entire MSM. Moreover, an august “peer-reviewed” medical journal, The Lancet, was even recruited to do a “study” on HCL and claim it was ineffective in treating CV. And yet by June last year, this study had to be retracted due to “research errors.”

I ask: why would any possible therapeutic be rejected? What does that imply? What happened to “the right to try”? Especially a therapeutic that has been around for 50 years and can be bought off the shelf in foreign countries?

Fact Number Two: no matter how they skewed the “statistics” to make CV 19 seem horrifically deadly, why then did the total number of deaths in 2020 remain basically the same and the total number of deaths from “flu” disappear?  Anyone with a half a brain can see that globalist organizations? and governments? and corporations? promoting this scam substituted the word “covid” for the word “flu.”

In the past month or two, the scary word “spike protein” has entered the vernacular, as not only being shed by those who are vaxed onto those who are not, but that it’s the spike protein itself that is extremely toxic, dangerous; both of which render the “spike protein” a fabulous new way to double down on F.E.A.R and divide us further: Not just fear of one’s own body, but fear of each other’s bodies. Not just those who believe the MSM narrative vs those who don’t, but those who got the vax now dangerous to those who refused the vax. So clever. So diabolically clever.

My question: Why were spike proteins in the vax? Supposedly spike proteins are also part of CV. I don’t know, nor do I particularly care to know the complexities of how the “spike protein” works in the body, nevertheless, a supplement that apparently prevents spike proteins from doing damage, NAC, was recently banned. The timing of the rise of spike proteins in the national conversation together with the banning of NAC, is another indication that this damned dis-ease (or the supposed existence of it) was created and is being kept alive and worsened through the vax, in order to exterminate possibly 1/2 (the vaxed half) of the world’s population over only a few years. Agenda 21/30, Georgia Guidestones, here we come!

The Real Reason NAC Supplement Got Banned

Remember: pine tea is another possible antidote, if you did get the vax, and regret it.

Likely there are a number of other ways we can return our bodies to normal functioning, no matter how the 1% tries to kill us off. In fact, this entire scenario has not only exposed the medical and pharmaceutical industrial complex for its collusion in the scam, but it may drive more people to actually stop worshipping doctors and take charge of their own health in whatever way necessary. Likely, this need to take charge will drive an increase in those seeking alternative methods of treatment, alternative ways of understanding and appreciating the body and its magnificent inborn immune system. Hell! It may even succeed in driving the obesity rate — now at 40%!  — way down as people take charge and get active.


Meanwhile, the 1%, knowing the devastation it has set in motion, now plans for “succession.”

In other words, CV was on the table, part of the globalist agenda. As Joseph Farrell tells Dark Journalist in a fascinating video that covers not only the many weirdnesses of Atlanta, oops! Antartica, but about the last half hour of which is devoted to the UFO enigma and increasing MSM coverage: “governments are always prepping an agenda.”

Just what that agenda is, he claims not to know. Meaning: he’s not sure how they’re going to go about it, but the end goal is a globalist dictatorship, aimed at domination of both earth and space. And, as he says, the only powerful nation that stands in the way is Russia. No wonder they hate Russia.

Meanwhile, let’s circle back to the 2020 election, shall we? Because it’s all connected . . .

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  1. Barbara says:

    If one searches the obits of the area where they live, there are NO obits that refer to cov as being the cause of death, nor are the number of deaths any higher than normal. And what should be a deluge at funeral homes is not happening. Funeral homes are NOT busier than usual. Thanks, Ann, for your thought-provoking and very helpful posts. B.

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