So what’s with the Obama/Trump dueling duet in Europe?

I love’s running commentary on this Obama puff piece from The Guardian.

Deep State Sends Obama to Europe to Trump U.S. President’s First International Tour and Rally EU Elites

BTW: I foolishly spent some time awake in the middle of last night watching the weird protocol at the Vatican as the Trump team made its entrance. Made me want to get in that slow moving line and start cartwheeling, screaming . . . See Bombard’s running commentary on the body language . . .

This video did somewhat soften the strangeness of the photos I put up yesterday. And was, in its own weird way, riveting.

Oh, and BTW, Robert David Steele says that Trump’s trip to the citadels of patriarchal monotheistic religions may not be what it appears.

Plus, Steve Pieczenik says Trump’s elaborate welcoming reception in Saudi Arabia was highly unusual, something he’s never seen in his lifetime.

Me? I’m watching Trump’s face get puffier and redder over time. And the man doesn’t even drink alcohol. Maybe the pope’s joke is no joke; what IS Melania allowing him to eat? But I doubt she, or anyone, can really rein him in. That’s the beauty of this man, and the terror! Who knows what’s next? The world hangs in the balance, second by second, awaiting this unpredictable Sun/Uranus figure’s next impulsive? intuitive? move.

Meanwhile, from perusing videos with all these world figures, he sure does seem like a good schmoozer. Much more so than Obama.






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  1. rose day says:

    Ann the photo is hilarious… think Madame Tussauds!

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