Whatever happened to clotheslines?

Sure was easier for our moms talk over the back fence when outside hanging the wash . . . the sheets and towels sure did smell good . . . sure was fun to chase each other through the maze of sheets and towels . . . and to feel the sun on my back out there, outside, playing like we used to play, before all those screens got in front of our faces and we replaced real life with a simulacrum.

I have a couple of rickety wooden clothes racks that I place near my pellet stove in the winter. In the summer I place them on my front porch and hang out there. (If there’s a law against it here, I don’t want to know.) My daughter-in-law in Massachusetts hangs all the laundry for their family of four in the basement during the winter, on big, sturdy racks. Takes time. Good time. Meditation time. And saves electricity.

Sometimes I cheat, and use the dryer. Sue rarely does.

Thanks to Corbin, for the pointer.

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  1. sylvia says:

    people here in the UK apparently live in the smallest European houses, still (almost) all of them hang (almost) all of their clothes, on lines and racks and radiator-racks, when the weather doesn’t allow outside drying. Even in freezing winter!

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