What to expect for the remainder of 2020? Magenta Pixie, Utsava, and Me

Here in Green Acres Permaculture Village, we have. yet to formalize a legal structure for this little group experiment in soil to soul regeneration. Partly because I, as the “owner,” still haven’t found myself comfortable with any of the obvious legal alternatives. So, meanwhile, we are growing and changing like a somewhat wild plant, which puts down  roots, spreads into the surround, absorbs the sun, and drinks up gobs of water.

The analogy to a plant is deliberate. For two days ago, at our last pod meeting, I brought up the idea of contemplating the four elements, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, noting how each of us is working with each element, how the three households are each doing so, and how the group as a whole is doing so. I brought it up to address a seemingly chronic difficulty we are undergoing, of the evolved and less evolved uses of fiery energy.

Not surprising that this should be the element we are addressing now. The whole world seems to be infected with fiery energy, experienced as prolonged outbursts of rage and fury after having been cooped up for so long while expected to be cowering the entire time in fear.

What element, one might ask, corresponds to fear? I’d say it’s mostly mental, or Air; i.e., fear because of something we’ve been told, over and over again, from the outside, and unfortunately, way too many of us ended up beLIEving the hype. But of course, fear also corresponds to the Water element, since this mental fixation leads us to close down, cower, constrict our naturally flowing emotional energy.

But back to the four elements all together. The point is, I told the group, we all need to identify the elements within ourselves, and assess how, if at all, we are using, denying, or projecting each one. And further, how do we balance them all, both individually and as a group as we move forward?

The fact that I was thinking and talking this way amazed me, since I had never done it before (though of course I could have; it just hadn’t come up), But then, of course, a synchronicity presented itself the very next day, through Magenta Pixie, who talks about the four elements in the recent video below, as well as a fifth element, Ether, which she notes, is infinite.

But just what is this Ether (or Aether) she speaks of?

All. through graduate school, even though the concept of the Ether was at that time debunked, I felt and still do feel, that of course the Ether exists. But why? Here’s one succinct explanation:

   Aether is the basic substratum of all space; aether is the raw essence of the Universe. Aether permeates the innermost recesses of all matter. Without it the universe is contrary to nature, contrary to reason and common sense. Without it the universe is utterly absurd.

   And what is worrying is that the scholars who have meticulously assembled our complex picture of the universe know it is absurd.

   Consider this: The cosmology that is studied in universities the world over, and practiced in the relevant research departments, is a cosmology devoid of the concept of aether. Assumed to be a dispensable relic of 19th-century voodoo science, the aether was discarded a long time ago. And the resulting universe model, missing a vital ingredient, has not worked properly since. In fact, as a depiction of reality the class of expanding universe models —of which the various big bang (BB) models are a subset— has been an utter and complete failure.

   Sean M. Carroll, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology, sums up one of his extensively researched and densely-referenced papers on The Cosmological Constant[3] with the conclusion (which he bases on the no-aether interpretation of the evidence allegedly showing that the cosmological constant, Λ, dominates the universe, that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, and that the majority of the matter content in the universe must be in an unknown non-baryonic form): “Nobody would have guessed that we live in such a universe. … This scenario staggers under the burden of its unnaturalness, …”

I’d say that the Ether is necessary, not just as a medium which fills, fuels and flows through all things, but that, with this understanding we might even view the Ether as Love itself. Also, I see the Ether as that which includes all sorts of “otherworldly” (i.e., non-material) phenomena, including telepathy, dreams, and imagination.

In any case, Magenta Pixie (and her guides, “the nine”) says the current and ongoing extreme global turbulence, which began with the pandemic, and then suddenly (by design?) flipped into pandemonium, is not going to subside until the 2020 Winter Solstice.

Which is what I’ve been saying as an astrologer. Viewed within the astrological language, her view synchronizes with the powerful and rare Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which began in mid-January and ramped up in March, when Jupiter, which had been in early Capricorn as the Saturn/Pluto conjunction began, then moved into orb to form a triple conjunction and the lockdown began. This powerhouse stellium has been ongoing since, even though Saturn left Capricorn for 0-1° Aquarius and then. turned to go retrograde, now moving back towards the original Saturn/Pluto conjunction in late Capricorn. In other words, all three energies are still connected, still in play, and yes, they will be moving together until Winter Solstice, the very day when both Saturn and Jupiter, conjunct each other at 0° Aquarius and completely shift the nature of the energy system on this planet. Gone will be the various forms of Capricorn lockdown and terror, targeted by those who would use the Saturn/Pluto control structure to try to bring in the centralized police state New World Order. But it’s not going to work, folks. Not according to Magenta Pixie, not according to me, and not according to another psychic, Utsava. Here’s a tweet from Utsava this morning that echoes this prediction.

To me, what should be emphasized about next year (and even a bit for part of this year, with Saturn is in early Aquarius from March 23 through July 1) is that 2021 will be a very exploratory, experimental year, when all sorts of new ideas will be tried out, hopefully inspired by cooperative Aquarian groups, in which each person operates as a sovereign individual with full-on creativity, which, when combined with others, ramps up to synergistic.

Meanwhile, for the next five months, we do have to continue to gear down, way down, and center ourselves fully in the excruciating unfolding moment, identifying and balancing Fire, Earth, Air and Water within ourselves, while sensing the Ether flowing through all into unity, as the seemingly endless. climactic turbulence of this 2020 year, these birth pangs of a brand new horizon, continues its grinding, agonizing, Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn dirge, restructuring, destructuring, collapsing all that has been been preventing our full-on, human, heart-centered expression.


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