What is the difference between “soul” and “spirit”?

Way back in the 1990s, when I was living in the Jackson Hole yurt with my now deceased husband Jeff Joel, This Vast Being who “carried both a computer and an encyclopedia  in his head,” I asked him: “What is the difference between ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’? I figured that if anybody did know the difference, it would be him, But he said he wondered, too; and that some writers use these terms interchangeably.

Ever since then I’ve had that question on my radar. And I wonder what Jeff would say now that he’s been “in spirit” for nearly 17 years. Here’s Albert Einstein’s perspective on this matter.

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  1. alex simack says:

    Soul is spirit made conscious I was taught. Most of the time spirit is unconscious either love or hate which then is interpreted labeled and the lover hater marginalized. Society hates spirit.

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