What is real food? Here’s a lecture this doctor was disinvited to present to the food industry

In this season when we’re supposed to “be merry,” meanwhile pigging out on packaged chocolates and packaged rum cake, and pumpkin and pecan pies and alcoholic eggnog, it’s hard to take this kind of post seriously. We’d rather wait until January (assuming we get through the End of the World, December 21), when our sluggish selves buck up for a strict “diet.”

But hell, what better time than the present to talk about the “food industry,” a phrase which, if you think about it, is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms. Isn’t that obvious? If not, it should be.

Read labels!

Better yet, don’t even go down the middle aisles of supermarkets, and especially don’t go down them with little children in tow, where the gadzillion packaged “varieties” of processed sugar/corn/soybean “food” is stacked, menacing and seductive to all whose senses are glued to advertising.

Instead, stick to the fresh produce bins along the edges, IF they include organic and/or local. Better yet, grow your own, or join a CSA, or create a neighborhood garden, or support local grocers and farmers’ markets . . .

At the end of his annotated litany of wonderfully awful and typical examples, this doctor emphasizes top-down, centralized solutions to the problem of predatory, disengenous, even false or misleading labeling and advertising; he focuses on “regulations” for the “food industry,” to “level the playing field.” As important as that may be, even more crucial is that we take food back into our own hands, from seed through harvest, and meanwhile, evolve a changed way of life that both re-creates community as as one delicious side-effect of our efforts, and regenerates health and vitality in our bodies as another.

Thanks to conscious life news for the pointer.

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