What is a “BioAPI” and what does it have to do with chem trails?



Zen Gardner on beforeitsnews passed this one along, from a website called dataasylum.com. Not clear who is responsible for this info (or disinfo). Aside from the familiar nuclear bomb default option, this story details perhaps the most “scary” possibility imaginable!


Okay. Before you start hyperventilating, how about looking at it, or anything else, in the following manner:

Everything that anyone can imagine is, was, or will become “true” in at least one of the infinite number of universes that can be accessed within any single point in this one. —

That’s basically the way I view — or should I say, rather, the way I tend to yield to, lean into — the great mysterious immensity in which we seem to be alive here, together, undergoing all sorts of experiences, many of them seemingly incommensurate and/or paradoxical, and some of them way stranger than we ever ever could or would have imagined in the late, not-so-great 20th century.

So the question, for each of us, and the answer matters, is this: which universe do we choose? The one with or without BioAPIs and those who would use them against humanity.

Chem Trails and Mind Control: What They Are Doing to YOU Now

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