What in Hell is going on? And, can we climb out of Hell?

YES. It appears so.

The title to this post is a vulgar version of the title to a new interview with Mel K. More and more, do I appreciate this woman, especially given her background, detailed to an unusual extent, here.

Mel is optimistic, on balance. Thinks “we got this,” as the saying goes. Her perspective is wide-ranging and always interesting, even provocative, especially to blue-pilled folk who persist in their TDS.

Then there’s Dr. Judy Mikovitz, newly interviewed on the significance of the “spike proteins” in the vax, by Mike Adams, whom I seldom repost, since his views often seem to me unnecessarily fear-mongering.

Even here, the way he promotes this video is to say “Judy Mikovitz warns spike proteins may kill 50 million Americans.” What he did not include in this promotion is what she stresses, throughout, that there are ways to counteract the spike proteins. That the death sentence need not be real if those who are vaxed take the cures that mainstream medicine is forbidden to prescribe (HCL, Ivermectin, etc.) plus learn about, and practice, natural ways to rebuild their immune system, and thus their health.

Finally, check out these messages, on Telegram. Very interesting.

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3 Responses to What in Hell is going on? And, can we climb out of Hell?

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Right Now
    There’s what you thought you knew,
    Then there’s reality.
    You were seeing good things backwards
    And failing to incorporate cosmic imperatives
    Of free-will, inherent love, and creative grace.
    Chose wisely.

  2. Alice says:

    I Enjoy your perspective and appreciate your thoughts about Mike Adams. In the past month or two, I too have noticed that most or even all his posts on HHR and Brighteon are very fear driven, sensationalized and seem aimed at scaring patriots. I’m beginning to wonder is he a DS plant. Who is he and what’s his agenda? He’s been around for years and always been like this, but now it’s over the top. So I’m glad to know I’m not the only one discerning things similarly.

  3. rose day says:

    RE: Fear-mongering headlines . . .

    Information available today regarding the potential dangers related to the Covid vaccine, especially in relation to ZERO test-stats on humans, was available months prior to the decision to be inoculated by over 100 million willing human guinea pigs.

    Many of the headlines are written by those who have been sounding warning bells for some time and they may be awarded a bit of slack in their exasperation that said millions may yet again disregard access to the info, use no personal discernment and fail to heed the call for self- responsibility in health matters . . . the next time around.

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