What Hillary Did to Libya

Still determined to vote for her? Read this exceptional piece.

Via Chris.

Forget Hillary’s Emails, Here’s Her Real Scandal That Nobody Is Talking About


So, overthrowing Gaddafi wasn’t about human rights? No. As noted in this piece by Carey Wedler on Anti-Media, the numbers don’t lie: we overthrow countries for resources and oil, not rights — according to science. Libya was both rich in resources such as oil, and was threatening the Petrodollar — hardly anybody survives that.

Here’s the plain truth: Hillary Clinton is largely responsible for the complete destruction of an entire nation. 50,000 or more people have died thanks to what’s been dubbed “Hillary’s War” in Libya.

Then shit gets worse. Now, Libya is not only a failed state in the midst of a full blown civil war, ISIS is taking root there. From Ben Swann:


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  1. ksense says:

    Libya was also one of the last remaining countries not using the Western Central Banks. If you watch where the West invades you’ll be following the gold, not oil.

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