What about 5G?

One of my commenters has urged me to investigate 5G. But something stops me. Not sure what. Most likely, it would devour all my time and energy if I really did decide to go down that rabbit hole.

Let’s just say this: Ever since “rapescan” technology started to invade airports, I have refused to go through these ionizing machines. I much prefer the public grope, and in fact, feel for the TSA folks who have been trained to do this. Only once in all my flights since the big post-911 Patriot Act rollout, did I experience what I would consider a not only invasive, but decidedly nasty, sadistic “pat-down” from a middle-age TSA agent whom I instantly identified as a Nazi in a past life.

Now, from natural news, this:

There’s an enormous amount of at times contradictory and fear-mongering info and most likely disinfo across the internet at this point about 5G: what it is, how it works, and so on. Not sure what I should focus on, or what is real. All I know is I follow my gut when I refuse to go through the ionizing radiation scanners at airports; so if this radiation is identical to that radiation, and if the 5G rollout truly is global, and if there’s nothing we can do about it, then yes, we are lost and dystopia will have arrived.

5G: A Dystopian View of Our Future


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  1. Hi! Yes Ann, this is one article I was reading about 5 G. Clif High is on Philospher’s
    Stone today talking about this too; there’s a lot on it. Scientists, educators, etc.
    have sent letters and signed petitions world-wide.
    No hope? why is this planet segregated and held captive? Is all this real?
    Glad you mentioned this. Wonder if your friend Laura will comment?

  2. Laura Bruno says:

    Hi JoAnne,

    Ann pointed me to your comments. I’m familiar with 5G and tried getting some preliminary protections in place at least in our township, since Kalamazoo was supposedly one of the test cities in 2017. I have, as yet, not been able to get our township zoning department to pay attention, although there’s one sympathetic person on the zoning committee who agrees that we should put in wording about protection from electromagnetic pollution. The Township lawyer told them it would only be nominal, and I’ve already frustrated him enough finding workarounds to his workarounds for the Township Board that would still love to push their tyranny on our neighborhood with other things.

    Through my various attempts at protecting our neighborhood from so many different unwanted encroachments at once, I learned that internet companies in MI basically run the state. On top of that, some of the biggest, sneaky, would be tyrants on our Township Board really want Kalamazoo to become a tech hub. They’re working the angles here, but even if they weren’t the state gives no legal room against 5G, high tension wires, mandatory fiber optic cables, blah, blah, blah. That said, Grand Rapids and some other cities have nominal zoning restrictions on electromagnetic pollution, in hopes of forcing the issue and at least giving citizens something to fight with.

    All of that sounds very discouraging, of course, and those Board and Zoning meetings are so inane and toxic that I really need to save myself for the most essential ones. I have not managed to locate where in Kalamazoo the 5G trial occurred, and I have looked! I don’t think it’s in our Township or the Board techies would be bragging about it. So far, I’ve not heard of anything happening that would link to the direst predictions about 5G. Some of those are long term results, though.

    I told Ann awhile back that I have our house gridded with lots of orgone. I especially like the “5G ready pucks” at Orgonia. My friend Bo does lots of his own tests, and I did notice the crazy high vibe of these pucks when they arrived. In the event that ALL my deterrents, legal, magical, good cop/bad cop Board Meeting appearances, and little faery rabble rousing still results in 5G going in near us, that thing’s going to have so much orgone around it that it will be pumping out good vibrations.

    I also like Aires Tech products for EMF protection, and I contacted them 6 months ago to request something specifically for 5G installations. They currently have things to wear on your person or stickers for laptops and cell phones. I am extremely sensitive to EMFs and really just all energies in general. Aires Tech offered me samples of several products last April, and I was blown away by how strongly they do counteract the EMFs. I also like Q-links, although I lost mine awhile back. I’m currently wearing a scalar necklace I got locally. I forget the brand, but it gives interesting dreams.

    The one other thing I hold as a complete wildcard is who gets control of the 5G and how it’s eventually used. Ditto CERN. These are powerful technologies that, in the right hands, could shift vibrations in positive ways. No one has figured out what that worldwide pulse was on 11/11/2018(11), for example. For many reasons, you would think that CERN would be my worst nightmare, but for some reason, I just can’t get worked up about it. Maybe because I realize Shiva is the regenerator as well as the destroyer, kind of like Pluto. Anything can be positive or negative … sometimes with just the tiniest shift of perspective or redirection. I’m a big fan of poetic justice, so in my version of reality — and frequent experience — it’s more likely that the tools intended for worst destruction will undermine the perversions and dis-order.

    This is why I wasn’t going to comment here. LOL, too, too long! I’ve been dealing with these sorts of things for two decades, since my 1998 TBI left me totally vulnerable to fluorescent lights, wifi and all manner of things. Reiki, Runes, sacred chanting, energy awareness, and these two sites have been the most helpful:


    I have no financial connection with either. I’ve been friends with Bo at Orgonia since probably 2014, but only because I was so blown away by his pucks. I also love the artistry. Aires Tech I like because they have very real scientific testing, not just anecdotal evidence. I don’t undervalue anecdotal evidence, since a person’s experience IS the life they live … but Aires Tech’s results backed up what I sensed in terms of the energy according to my own energy “reading.”

    Gotta go, LOL … hopefully this helps someone! If you hadn’t both asked, I wouldn’t have left another lengthy comment. 🙂

  3. Feb. 8–Just discovered Laura’s answer! thank you.
    You certainly are knowledgeable about the 5G.
    JoAnne Decker

  4. Laura Bruno says:

    All in perfect timing. 🙂 You’re welcome, JoAnne. Yes, with the things I’ve learned, it actually seems easier to shift the intention and results of 5G than to go the more mundane route of informing people, trying to raise awareness and go to all those Board Meetings and possible lawsuits. Just shift the energy. Much faster and much easier on the soul!

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