We are so lucky! Thank you, universe.

Spring has sprung. The birds court each other with song, the daffodils rise up and  bloom, the trees push out leaf buds, on and on. The Sun rises and sets morning and evening, in tune with the Moon. Nature doesn’t give a hoot about our human-made crises. She just continues in her regular annual cycle of birthing, growing, dying, rebirthing.

Housemate Dan and I were remarking yesterday on how very fortunate we feel to live here in Green Acres Permaculture Village during this unprecedented time of Mandatory Quarantine. We have each other (“fewer than ten”). We have the Earth. And we have our communion with Earth who inspires and supports our many outside projects. YES!

Here’s a really wonderful post that graphically depicts and discusses the many benefits of having an ongoing intimate relationship with the Earth mother. Who would have thought that it would appear in Vogue? Maybe even high-fashion magazines are beginning to get the message. What counts, what really matters? Food. Water. Shelter. And Communion — with each other and all that is.

Why We Turn to Gardening During Times of Crisis


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  1. Laura Bruno says:

    Yes! Yesterday, I took down some of last year’s growth, as this year’s perennials start poking through the soil again. Everything cycles. Even things that die leave seeds.

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