We all live in two worlds, one full of fury, and the other? CHOOSE YOUR WORLD.

I’m not alone in saying that the future we get will be the future that enough of us strongly intend, and work to achieve.

If we intend to see the current spreading dystopian riots and looting through to their. violent conclusion and bring on the clanging centralized police state, by storming the White House for example, then well, that IS what we will get. And yes, apparently at least some of the expected one million people in D.C. tomorrow intend just that.

Project Veritas has just brought out another undercover film, this one again focused on how Antifa members are “trained.”

But if, on the other hand, enough of us intend to create a decentralized, cooperative, from the ground up low-tech permaculture paradise, then that is what we’ll get. Here in Green Acres Permaculture Village, we aim to set this example. Join us!


So, while the fires of insurrection, insurgency, and scary rumor abound (last night I saw that Antifa is to be bused into small rural communities across the U.S.A. True?), and while I, for one, am addicted to “the news;” while it turns out there will be some kind of enormous 3 p.m. protest in Dunn Meadow on the IU Campus this afternoon (to which housemate Dan will go “as an observer”) I choose to stay home after our busy morning work party on this hot day when we planted the last of the beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers.

Meanwhile, however, four of us took yesterday off to join an expedition to InDiana’s mysterious “Stonehenge,” a steep, but easy 983 feet hike to the top of Browning Mountain, near Story, Indiana. Both Marita and Andreas took photos.





Tiny star flowers . . .

Me, in contemplation atop one of the enormous circle of “rocks” that nobody understands. Though I haven’t been to the famous Stonehenge in England, I have been to pyramids in Egypt and Honduras, have viewed enormous rock walls in Peru, so many of them with razor thin creases between enormous rocks, and though this one was not that, it is no more “explained” than are any of the others. What we don’t know!’

More and more, over these past few work parties, we are going vertical, erecting hoops of “pig fence” to grow stuff that likes to grow up: beans, squash, cukes, and so on. Can’t wait to see what this common garden looks like a month from now! Today we got out all of the seedlings we had left to plant. Each house also has its own garden. So much growing this year! Feel utterly blessed in the midst of world-wide pandemonium. Green Acres Permaculture Village is one of the little lotus plants growing up out of the mud of collapsing industrial civilization. May we thrive, and may we inspire others to join us, wherever they live, to grow food cooperatively, in concert with Mother Earth.

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