WARNING: “Pizzagate” may be a pedophilia psy-op


I read in numerous places that the wildy viral “pizzagate” is a trojan horse, a false flag psy-op that, when exposed as such, will serve to discredit all alt-media investigation of rampant and systemic pedophilia/murder/satanism.

It’s complicated. For example: 1) Podesta emails (upon which Pizzagate is based) may not be real, if wikileaks is controlled opposition, 2) the so-called rifleman may be an actor, and 2) The son of Mike Flynn, new National Security Advisor for Trump, now called out for getting the pizzagate story going —  has been fired by Trump from his transition team.

On the other hand, David Wilcock takes great delight in riffling through what he sees as the visual symbolism involved in pizzagate. Almost too much delight, me thinks.

So watch out. Don’t get caught in the trap. Recognize that while this particular “pizzagate” story itself may be fake, it doesn’t vitiate the greater truth that David Icke has been exposing for decades now, and that is finally being aired and gaining legs, not just in Britain, but in the U.S.

You might want to review this long background wearechange.org piece from July 2016:

The Ultimate Exposure of Pedophile Rings in London, Hollywood, and More

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