WAR, INC.: The denouement coming?

How can one not agree with Rand Paul in his assessment of what has appeared to be U.S. foreign policy in the Age of Trump?

Foreign Interventionism Isn’t the ‘America First’ that Was Promised

And yet, this!

Trump Predicts US, China and Russia Talks On Arms Spending Cuts

Given that Trump increased the military budget for 2018, his  attitude reminds me of Reagan’s repetition of the old adage, “Peace through Strength,” and echoes the spirit behind Trump’s 11 negotiating tips from the Art of the Deal.

Especially this one:

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3 Responses to WAR, INC.: The denouement coming?

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Endless War

    Deep State disinformation dance tries to enters Phase 2 because the ying and yang are finally resolving. The Deep State scourges onward to its ending breath. Deriding, discrediting, and degrading all resistance, Intel Disinfo-formula always: Mix real facts with disinformation, imply they’re all fringe elements. Times up. Hello 60,000 indictments.

  2. Kate Ferrell says:

    I am afraid that Trump’s promises to put “America First” is really to put “Israel First.” He definitely in their pocket. His foreign policy is theirs.

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