Vladimir Putin, to the West: Stop Turning the World into a "Global Barracks"

What a fine turn of phrase! I have trouble imagining the furious? embarrassed? flustered? looks on the “sober” faces of Kerry and Obama and Gates, and all the other big boy puppets of Empire as they react to Putin’s decidedly sane speech amidst their feverish plans for yet more war war war.

By the way, the latter part of this week is critical for our global meditation efforts. The Sun will oppose Pluto, briefly triggering the long-running Uranus/Pluto square (2012-2017), illuminating (Sun) underworld power (Pluto) struggles. Mercury turns to go direct tomorrow, after three weeks retrograde. After misfires and dithering, direct communication to resume.

Putin to West: Stop Turning the World into “Global Barracks,” dictating rules to others




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