Video: Visit “The Galactic Confederation of Stellar Nations” . . .

. . . for a journey into our collective human imagination as it lifts out of despair and hopelessness into beauty and oneness.

This is the kind of perspective that is needed to help us see through the tiny little tug-of-wars that we get into on a 3D planet that still functions within a polarized consciousness and “believes in” scarcity.

I could argue with the author’s focus on technology, and its supposed “balance” with nature in this universe of the imagination, but then I always remember what one smart little boy asked his father: “Dad, are machines a part of nature?” And I must say, I don’t know. As the new Pope Francis said recently, among other amazing things, “Who am I to judge?” (in his case about gays, but the phrase is needed in lots of areas of human concern where passionate argument and mutual contempt has superseded authentic caring and connection.)

I really appreciate this video, despite that the text (originally in French) could be cleaned up a bit. It’s a sweet revelatory whooshing out into what’s possible when we leave our struggles behind and remember who we are in a living universe.

Just FYI: in UFO circles, there’s a bit of a row about there being a difference between The Galactic Federation and The Galactic Federation of Light, with one of them being supposedly “bad,” the other “good.” Here’s an example of that brouhaha.

Thanks to rumormillnews for the pointer.

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3 Responses to Video: Visit “The Galactic Confederation of Stellar Nations” . . .

  1. Tom Stoker says:

    DUHHHH, OF COURSE machines are part of nature, sons and daughters! and have been ever since opposable thumbs developed—here’s a thumb in your eye, STARS BATTLEURS: *

    • Well, to the extent that machines work in a machine-like manner, i.e., are predictable, work in closed systems so can be (supposedly) completely defined, are they a part of Nature?

  2. Stella says:

    Nothing man made is part of nature. The then Pope Francis stating he is unable to judge, well, who is he (all popes) to change the day of Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday besides much more such as approving RFID chipping on humans, genetic engineering of food, LHC etc.

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