Veterans’ Standing Rock legacy deepens: Ceremony of Forgiveness

The historical significance of Standing Rock continues to build, as non-violent U.S. war veterans recognize what’s necessary if we are to heal. Yesterday they revealed, and asked to transform, the backstory to the present movement within our collective unconscious mind to remember, re-member, what is of real value. That backstory? The attempted genocide and ruination of Native Americans by our ancestors, the European invaders. This backstory is now front and center, thanks to our veterans, their very public apology and request for forgiveness.

Which reminds me: Remember Chris Mathews, his extraordinary take-down on MSNBC this past August of our original sin against Native Americans? That astonishment left us slack-jawed only three months ago. Meanwhile, as of December 4, when the permit was denied, at least 3000 veterans had joined an estimated 10,000 natives and their supporters at Standing Rock.

Now flash forward to the very next day, December 5, yesterday, the Ceremony of Forgiveness!

Yes. It may very well be that we have entered the time of miracles.

Meanwhile, again yesterday, on the bridge that divides Standing Rock from the police, veterans and natives joined hands.

Veterans and water protectors unite to reoccupy bridge held by police since violent confrontation

Imagine how deceased elders John Trudell and Red Crow would smile, were they to witness the beginnings of our recognition and embrace of Native Wisdom.


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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, somehow I just knew you would be among the first to share news of the Forgiveness Ceremony…a powerfully healing event of benefit for the entire world…thank you.

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