Vati-scandal: Jaws of the Deep

I read somewhere years ago that Benedict would be the last pope. That the papacy would fall during the early part of the 21st century. More recently, I read that Pope Benedict would step down this past April. Now I read rumors that he will be assassinated “soon.” Whatever the source of these rumors, it does seem that something big is afoot, everywhere we look, in the disguised, but seamless web of deceit woven by interconnected financial and religious cabals (for starters, you might google “Satanism and the Illuminati;” reread Dan Brown’s books; rewatch “Eyes Wide Shut”).

So. Here we are. During these fevered days when Bilderbergs meet in Virginia and Vatileaks gush like rivers . . .

Pope’s butler vows to help Vatican scandal probe

(we know damn well “the butler didn’t do it”)

. . . and

Vatican urged to investigate [30 year old] disappearance of 15 year old girl

(hundreds of people demonstrated at the Vatican this past Monday)

. . . and

NYC’s Cardinal Dolan paid pedophile priests to leave

(up to $20,000 per predator, so we hear)

. . . this “cartoon,” perhaps the most multi-layered and complex and deeply paradoxical of any pictorial statement about anything I’ve ever seen anywhere. If hearing about Vatileaks made this old recovering Catholic jubilant, then this particular image made me shudder, a deep quaking that refuses to go away. Thanks to Mr. Fish and

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