Uranus/Pluto with Neptune in Pisces: "The Shift Is About to Hit the Fan"

Yesterday, walking my puppy through a soft, grey, rainy morning, April’s spring green spreading through trees and lawns, rather than thrumming with new life, I felt crushed, deadened. Moving slowly under the weight of a thousand Fuck-U-Shimas (Shima in Japanese, means “mother,” Mother Earth), I also noticed my depression, recognizing it as a grey fog holding us all in a state of suspended animation.

As my friend Judith commented, via email: “the world mind is very dark right now.”

“Yes,” I responded.” Innana.”

Innana, the ancient death and resurrection goddess who preceded the Greek Persephone in sinking into the underworld, to meet and marry the devouring God Pluto. She descended, removing all her clothes and jewels and identity, until there was nothing left. Until she was laid bare by her sorrow and unknowing.

The longer this nuclear meltdown continues, the deeper we descend, each of us having opened our own private entrance, slips through own personal tunnel, thinking we’re all alone in our sadness and grief.

All of us, all over the Earth, tunneling down, into the primal shadowy realm of the god Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, who melts us down into alchemical gold. Finally, we bottom out — into the vast, infinitely fertile being that holds and fuels us all.

There is no way forward (Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn), unless we work together (Neptune in Pisces). There is no opening to the light, unless we learn how to live and play and love together again. The time of separation is done.

Today, on this morning when the sun shines again, from Fred Burks, a website and two-minute video (sorry, can’t get link to work): http://iamthedoc.com/

Join me there. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. It looks like we may be making a lot of trips to the underworld in the next year or two! I guess we need to look at it as part of the shamanic process of death and rebirth, individually and collectively. At least perhaps we don’t have to be alone in our sadness and grief, although I have found it more difficult to reach out to others from that state of being. Namaste, Gordon

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