Upcoming Pink Super Full Moon Scorpio/Taurus, April 26, 2021: BEWARE, i.e., BE AWARE . . .

Note: In the bound-to-be difficult temporal period towards which we are heading, awareness is key. Get and stay centered. Remember your Taurus body is an antenna for Taurus Earth, both grounding you and, since you are bipedal, encouraging you to reach for the stars. Yogic, Tai Chi, and other slow meditative physical exercises that focus on Above and Below simultaneously through the medium of the body are helpful in regulating intense Scorpio emotionality.

The Full Moon in Scorpio (late April or May), along with the Full Moon in Taurus (late October or November) are known as the most powerful full moons of the year. This is because the signs they rule, Taurus and Scorpio, are fixed in their natures, and both tend to be instinctive, natural — not governed by left-brained logical, planning mind! Taurus is the most earthy grounded stable earth sign. And Scorpio is emotional, deeply, intensely emotional.

And what is the Moon in general, with its lunar phases that pull both oceanic tides and human female hormonal tides, swishing back and forth, in and out, for those 35 years or so each human female undergoes them, but the great signifier of the usually unconsciously experienced emotional life? It’s been well documented that more bar fights occur during Full Moons. Female blood tends to flow during either full or new moons, with the possibility of conception at the opposite point.

In other words, creation and procreation are both aligned with our earth’s moon’s phases. And whether or not we like it, whether or not, as David Icke thinks, the moon actually is a hollow body, and/or it’s an artificial station set up by some kind of ET race to monitor and even program the emotional currents of earthly life, with Saturn, it’s 29.5 year cycle mirroring the 29.5 day cycles of the Moon as the regulator of such; whether or not, as Rudolf Steiner is said to have said, “humans are food for the Moon,” in any case, whatever one’s beliefs about what appears as a big round ball in the sky during full moons, the phenomenon, at least on an emotional level, and thus often, on social, cultural, and geopolitical  levels, is REAL.

This “Pink” Full Moon, and the Full Moon in May, are to be the two Super Moons of the year 2021, meaning they will appear larger, because closest to the earth, known as “perigee” (as opposed to “apogee”, when Moon is smaller and further).  For more, see: https://www.almanac.com/content/full-moon-april.

Astrologically, set for Washington D.C., it looks like this:

Notice especially that the Sun is only three days away from exactly conjuncting volatile Uranus in Taurus; so April 29-31 especially, may be when quakes occur — both within ourselves and collectively — emotionally (Antifa and BLM rioting), not to mention economically (Taurus rules value, linked culturally, with money), militarily (eruptive disputes over (Taurus) territory), and within the Earth Mother herself, as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Five days following its conjunction with Uranus, Sun then lights up Venus, Lilith, and Mercury, tightly conjunct at 15-16° Taurus. So the unrest and shifting earthy/emotional energies will extend at least through the first week of May.

Remember that this entire year features an ongoing tense battle between mental Aquarius, which is constantly exploring and experimenting with how to regulate the collective chaos spurred by its square with Uranus, ruler of Aquarius,  slowly moving through in Taurus. I.e., given the seven-year Taurean transit of Uranus, the discontent, discomfort, anxiety, unease that people feel is rooted in the body, and its instincts. This particular Full Moon then, brings all this to a head.

For a more personal look at this full moon, here’s my friend Laura Bruno had to say on the subject (and she told me this morning she will also do a blogpost specifically on this full moon):

April 26th Full Moon in Scorpio at 11:31 p.m. Eastern. This Full Moon occurs amidst those beautiful, supportive trines and sextiles of Saturn and Chiron to the transiting nodal axis (where we’ve been as a collective and where we’re headed). Watch for healing lessons that allow individuals and society to move forward, releasing that which no longer serves. This Full Moon will feel extra deep and introspective, since Scorpio’s ruler Pluto stations retrograde the next day. Prepare for a soulful dive into the Underworld. People fear the dark, but that’s where we find the jewels.

April 30 Sun conjunct Uranus. The fiery Sun ignites lightning bolt Uranus. This meeting occurs with messenger Mercury, goddess of love Venus, rebel Uranus and wild woman Black Moon Lilith all in slow, sensual Taurus — while the feminine Moon in patriarchal Capricorn opposes macho Mars in (s)motherly Cancer. Expect the unexpected, but this combination might feel like Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell.

Sabian symbols for this Full Moon, at 8° Taurus/Scorpio:


Frankly, both these symbols remind me of “financial reset” more than anything else, and speak of our need to “get our shit together” — or else!

There’s bound to be “mass trauma,” at some level, if so. Here’s Clif High’s larger possible context for that near-term eventuality.

Clif High – Perpetwooity

We’ve been undergoing “mass trauma” for over a year now, given the mask, social distancing, and other fear-producing, media-driven mandates. Should we be surprised that this might be for a long-planned intentional effect? Check this out:

Globalist Banker Predicted Scamdemic, Genocide of the Useless

Breathe, folks. We got this. There IS light at the end of even this tunnel. And remember, awareness is key. Notice what is happening in and around you without identifying with any of it. Keep noticing. Every time you start to panic, bring yourself back to center. Breathe. Notice that you are the one who is noticing! That none of this affects that central core of your ensouled, embodied self.

And then, of course, help others, by being a calm still center to which they can turn, when needed.

Our individual awareness is lighting up our collective awareness, big time; in the final analysis, the bastards just won’t be able to get away with what they had planned.

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