UNCANNY TIMING: May 26 Super Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse — just past Saturn SRx, and parallel to Trump’s natal chart!

Glancing at this Full Moon chart, I’d say, just off the cuff, that we are about to be flooded with  tranches of information that until now, have been kept in shadow (12th house Sun in Gemini conjunct south node), and that this massive tsunami info will flesh in the already largely formed (south node) world-view (Moon in Sagittarius) of those of us who have been lambasted as “conspirators” — for calling out both the covid-19 con  and the election fraud as real. In other words, history’s largest sting operation that included both is about to climax.

Notice, BTW, that Venus and Mercury are both near the Gemini Ascendant. This chart is about information coming into the light and being expressed. And note this triple conjunction as well, given what I’m about to say about Trump, below.

As we approach this extraordinary Full Moon, factor in the following:

Saturn, in Aquarius has just turned to go retrograde lending an air of gravity to the days leading up to and following this turn. In other words, situations, on all levels — personal, local, national, global, even cosmic — are bound to seem unusually serious, disciplined, slowed down, possibly even stuck. However, given that Saturn is squaring transit Uranus in Taurus this entire year, we should be grateful when things do slow down! Stuck is NOT a word to describe what is happening now. strict Saturn v. volatile Uranus on all levels, all year long: outmoded structures, both visible and invisible, being detonated to smithereens. And remember, Uranus is in Taurus: strong earthquakes not only possible, but happening today, in China.

Furthermore, as it turns Saturn trines both Venus in Gemini and Moon in Libra, creating a grand trine in air, the element of communication. Group effort (Saturn in Aquarius) harmonizes info (Gemini) streaming forth from both sides of any aisle (Libra), with human cooperation happening on many levels.


And, to “circle back” to my Trump remark above, let’s put the cherry on top of this cake, by noting that this Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse chart, when set for Washington D.C. (see above), just happens to feature Venus (21°), Mercury (24°) and the Ascendant (26°) all close to President Donald Trump’s natal Sun/South Node —


— as well as his Moon/North Node, which then, obviously, are opposite each other. DJT was born under this same Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon, and his nodes were situated close by the same way, with the Gemini Sun conjunct the North Node, and the Sagittarian Moon conjunct the South Node. In other words, I’d say that the (Sagittarian) world-view that he holds has been there all along, and what he’s had to do was to investigate the shadows (12th house of this lunar eclipse) to reveal all the Gemini facts that, when connected, reveal/display/certify that world-view.

Let me repeat one more time: DJT was born under a Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moon with Gemini North Node and Sagittarian South Node parallel to this May 26 Full Moon eclipse with the nodes, for him, also near Gemini and Sagittarius.

Note that he was interviewed by Chanel Rion on May 21, only two days prior to Saturn’s turn, an interview in which he said that things have to turn around before 2022, or it will be too late.

Donald J Trump Interview with Chanel Rion – May 21, 2021

As I said, I have a feeling that this Full Moon heralds the “disclosure” we have been waiting for. And it’s not just about the extraterrestrial presence and free energy technologies, which of course, are the MOST significant (and will likely be sanitized), since they offer the largest perspective (and remember DJT’s uncle John Trump knew Tesla, and was charged with collecting his works after he died), but, since we’ve all got our eyes glued on the fraudulent election finally becoming unglued thanks to the states’ audits, and the fraudulent Covid-19 coming unglued thanks to Fauci’s saintly halo being sucked from his double’s masked face — oh yeah, and then there’s child trafficking, the currency that fuels the deep state via blood (adrenochrome), blackmail and bribery, all of which  DJT has been highly aware of and deeply concerned about for a long long time . . .

All I can say is, it’s time for us to hold onto our hats, for there are strong winds blowing through the collective now, and they’re liable to strip us of whatever illusions we are still clinging to, leaving those of us who chose not to see what the rest of us did see — naked, raw, and in need of healing.

Hopefully, the initiation of that healing will begin during Mercury’s retrograde period, also coming right up, from May 29 through June 22, when thoughts naturally turn inward, going back over what has already been revealed.


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2 Responses to UNCANNY TIMING: May 26 Super Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse — just past Saturn SRx, and parallel to Trump’s natal chart!

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    Synchronicities and cross confirmations are flowing in.

    Combinations of the number 222, 2.22, 22.2 etc. keep flowing in every day.

    Multiple channelers popular on YouTube and BitChute commentators, seem to cross confirm with the Aztec Calendar pointing the spiritual upliftment window from May 26 through June 7 (If I remember the dates correctly)

    I plan to get up early and meditate and listen to my Monroe Institute hemisync tapes to resonate with the energies.

  2. Barbara says:

    Thank you, Ann, for this detailed and very optimistic chart. Just before I clicked on your website, I was thinking, “We need a breakthrough,” and there you were, saying it as I was feeling it. It’s time. B.

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