UFO Hotline in New York

In this afternoon’s Huffington Post, an article that interests me more for its tone and the fact that it was included than for what it says. The tone: not as tongue-in-cheek as usual. (Or is it?).

That it was included: well, I suppose they will publish “weird” stuff just for human interest, especially in the new HuffPost that seems now, after the buyout, to be drifting even more towards distraction and entertainment.

Nevertheless, what if every city and town on the globe created a UFO Meetup Group, with a hotline! Talk about revolutionary Uranus in initiatory Aries square (in friction with) entrenched, traditional Pluto’s plutonian power structures as thousands, then millions, of calls registered that not only are we not alone, we are deeply, utterly immersed in a universe teeming with life and other intelligent beings who are eager to say hello!

Remember, the reason why we’re in the pickle we’re in economically, the reason we have such a bloated military, the reason why we allow ourselves to be enslaved to the illusion of scarcity, is because we we think we have to pay money to get energy. With UFO/ET disclosure, the secret would be out of the bag: free energy, which “the powers that be” have known about, in secret, for over 60 years.

Brooklyn Man Wants to Know about Your UFO Siting

Seen a UFO? A new NY UFO Meetup group, who advocates that “UFO witnesses be treated fairly and with respect,” wants you to know you’re not alone.

John Capp, a former computer consultant who lives in Sheepshead Bay and a member of the group, has set up a 24-hour UFO hotline to document all of the strange sightings in the sky above our city.

“How is anybody going to report this stuff if everyone is discouraging them?” he told The New York Post. “I’m looking at witnesses as a resource rather than someone to slam around.”

Capp also tells the Post that since beginning the hotline in February he’s fielded 2 dozen calls–the most significant being a woman reporting three lights moving in unison in the sky above Park Slope.

Acording to the NY UFO Meetup group’s website,UFO Media Matters, “If you wish to talk someone or have us document your sightings or paranormal activity please call us. All calls are held in stick confidence. If you have to leave a message we will get back to you on the same day. This hot line is 24 / 7 days a week. Call 347-298-9020.”

Is Capp on to something? There’s been a rash of apparent UFO sightings in New York lately.

Back in October people gathered on street corners to look up at small white objects floating around during the daytime. Some theorized the objects were actually just balloons from a Times Square event promoting Spanish Tourism.


And in March, a Williamsburg man captured this strange footage (which is clearly a camera moving on a blurry light, not a light moving on a static frame. Duh.):

Do you think you’ve had some close encounters of your own? Let us know, below (and be sure to report your interstellar meeting to 347-298-9020).



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