U.S. history from World War II to NOW: Oliver Stone. And the future: Bernie Sanders?

I’ve been spending my evenings watching Oliver Stone’s massive documentary series:

Untold History of the United States


Stone describes this endeavor as presenting “a side of history we didn’t learn in school. Upsetting to some, but profound for those who think for themselves.” Well, duh, yes. On both counts. Upsetting to me and profound.

I thought I was informed. I was mistaken. Told in ten chapters, each an hour long, and wrenching in its detailing of the way this Empire has functioned at least since World War II to destroy everything and everyone in its greedy, malevolent path.

If I didn’t have a naturally optimistic Sagittarian nature, I’d be destroyed myself by his detailed account and perspective, much of which I was totally unaware of! I’d think, “What’s the use? It’s all been going on for so long. Always the same. Mass surveillance. Deception. Trickery. Brutality. Militarism serving Capitalism under the guise of “making the world safe for democracy.” Evil men at the helm. Missed opportunities and martyrdom for the few who oppose the perfidy, like the Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King. Plus, one hero I have never heard of, Henry A. Wallace! Such a beautiful man! If Stone is correct, had Wallace been allowed to impact history, we might have completely avoided the nuclear arms race.

Henry A. Wallace.

Henry A. Wallace.


But then, in defense of my own abject ignorance, I’ve got to remember (hard to believe now!) that I was a daily absorber of the MSM “paper of record,” the New York Times, until just four years ago, when I finally stopped my print subscription, wised up to internet alternatives, and started posting that kind of news on my fb page. Which in turn led me to this blog.

(Of course, my education in alt-news has also been profound, in the sense that there’s an infinite amount out there, and who the hell knows what or how much of it is “true,” (whatever that means) — including this Stone series! Which is why I keep talking about opening the mind to whatever without having to “believe” anything for sure. Rather, ground myself in this body on this good Earth and open my mind to the sky. I.e., center myself vertically, so that I may radiate love horizontally from the heart. That’s it! Every day. And in every way.)

But Stone does document what he’s talking about with written records and photos and videos — including films like for example, The Manchurian Candidate, which, yes, appear to give us the news in a (pretended) “fictional” manner.

So I do thoroughly recommend this series. And if you’re like me, you won’t be able to stomach more than one hour of it per day. BTW: it’s so dense and thick that I plan to watch the whole series at least twice, and then keep on my shelf for others to borrow.

Which reminds me, let’s hope that Bernie Sanders does not become just another martyr to our lost? cause. Here’s what amounts to his evolving campaign platform. Pay special attention to the comments underneath as well. Many people are noticing that Bernie’s got to start paying much more attention to the way this nation has functioned as the latest evil empire if he really wants to represent us.

Let Me Be Very Blunt and Tell You Why I Am Running

Bernie Sanders. (photo: Charlie Leight/Getty Images) go to original article

Bernie Sanders. (photo: Charlie Leight/Getty Images) go to original article



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  1. zoidion says:

    Here’s a bit of untold current history: “Efforts to publicize a class action lawsuit against Monsanto for false advertising it’s best-selling herbicide Roundup filed in Los Angeles County Court on April 20, 2015 have been rejected by almost every mainstream media outlet.”


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