Two speeches Contextualizing Corruption, one Philosophical (A.G. Barr), the other Experiential (Sydney Powell)

As we watch the events, habits, and structures we took for granted blink out one by one, it’s time to rear back, take a long, sustained look at the horrific seriousness of the national and global corruption we the people are embedded within as we begin to internally process just how powerful has been the fear-mongering propaganda that got us to this place. Indeed, as one who has lived through a lot of national trauma, I’d rank Corona Virus right up there with both the JFK assasination and 9/11.

And of course, we who are thinking tend to ask why? Wby the hype on this particular virus? And, especially, why now? Which takes us, posssibly, to Laura Eisenhower’s riveting perspective on the corona virus  as a brilliant cover for a long-planned military operation to take out the Deep State..

So we begin this intense and hopefully brief time-out from normal life,  Or is it a time-out? More like a complete reset? The end of one “life on Earth” and the beginning of another?

BTW: here’s a twitter thread that basically agrees with Eisenhower in all but the details. By an Australian psychiatrist who was refused his license due to his following of Qanon.

Last Thursday I thought it was just a time-out. By the end of the weekend I realized it may be more, much more. That we may never return to “life as usual.” That we have set out on an uncharted path, a complete unknown. Just last Thursday, we heard that the campus of Indiana University (the lifeblood of this college town) was going to close for two weeks beyond spring break; then yesterday, plans changed: the campus will close until the end of the semester! All learning will be done on-line from home. And home will NOT be in an IU dorm. Then this morning on twitter,  another CEO has resigned, this one Lockheed Martin! Plus Indiana governor announces that all bars and restaurants, as well as schools, must close! I, along with everyone else who is conscious enough to not be overtaken by the prevailing worldwide contagion of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real), must, even so, remember to breathe normally rather than instinctively begin to pant!

Okay, folks. Now that so many of us are at home in our bathrobes, with lots of time on our hands, how about we begin to understand the deep background to what we can only cross our fingers IS a “white hat” Corona Virus Cover Op, and not instead, the paranoid version: that this virus hype was set in motion to ignite a martial law lock down into full-on despotic totalitarianism.

Please do check out Bill Barr’s speech of a few weeks ago. For me the big takeaway: Barr looks upon human nature in a Hobbesian fashion (as in “nature red in tooth and claw”), and says that those who devised our Constitution did too: they viewed humans as naturally selfish and greedy. That being the case, he says, this nation’s constitution was designed to encourage individual freedom while putting a damper on excess, so as not to hurt those less capable of asserting their dominance.  If everyone acted out of their instincts, i.e., if everybody acted in selfish, greedy ways, then this Republic would break apart. And, he claims, this is why we need another layer beyond that of politics, that of religion, to encourage a set of  higher values than those of self-centered greed. This came as a revelation to me. I had wondered why all the focus on God, Christianity, etc., in the political discourse of this day, and had tended to ignore it. Not that I’m not “religious,” just that I have moved beyond Christianity to embrace a more universal and open perspective that includes all religions as aspects of the one Truth, which no doubt, shall remain essentially mysterious to me for at least as long as my soul is embodied.

His point of view of the limits of our particular form of government, and thus the need for religion if we are to live cooperatively, also helps me to understand Vladimir Putin’s emphasis on the traditions and values of his own nation’s principal religion.

Frankly, I do think that the Hobbesian view is NOT correct. At least not for my own friends and family, and neighborhood, and certainly not for the kind and wonderful people I’ve met in other softer lands, where individualism has NOT taken over at the expense of community. As ever, I’m hoping we humans can transform into some kind of decentralized order which encourages a continuous dynamic between the two poles of individualism (capitalism) and community (socialism). Because both are necessary! Too much individualism equals selfishness and greed (as Barr says), and too much a focus on community represses the individual spirit, devolves into cult-like group think and group identity.

Barr offers a philosophical presentation of various “forms of democracy” that goes into lots of interesting areas, throws new lights on today’s socialist tendencies, as well as demonstrates in full force the necessity of his constant referral to “the rule of law.”

The “rule of law” is also Sidney Powell’s focus, and rather than talking philosophy, she goes down into the trenches, where she has been operating as a fearless warrior for over 25 years, showing just what happens when those who are meant to administer the law are actually law-breakers themselves. She and Barr are in full agreement as to the necessity of Cleaning the Swamp while we still can. And she is obviously extremely grateful that Donald J. Trump is president — and, she says, absolutely must continue to be for another four years! For it will be during this epochal time that we shall either see our Republic destroyed or return to acting within constitutional bounds as the founders intended.

One takeaway from her speech: in the Q &A session afterwards, someone asked about Jeff Sessions. She replied that while he is a good person, he got snickered immediately by certain lawyers on his new staff who told him he had to recuse himself from Mueller’s Russia investigation just because he shook hands with someone! She said he was foolish to take their word for it. If true, then Trump’s attitude towards Sessions is not just “optics” (as Q followers would like to believe, because of Q’s repeated remark, “Trust Sessions” —even though we also remember Q’s remark that “disinfo is necessary”), and especially, makes sense of why Trump recently refused to endorse Sessions in the Republican primary for Alabama senator.

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