Two Secure Email Providers Decide to Close Rather than “Go Along”

ourvaluesI have a good friend who worked for a long time in the employ of various companies that claim to remediate earth and water contamination. For each company, he worked for a year or two until he began to recognize how the company’s practices were not ethical, and he quit.

Now he’s in the process of possibly contracting with yet another company, and hopes that this one is what it claims to be. I tell him that this seems to be his path, a path of discernment. Hopefully, as he learns from experience, what he attracts is becoming more and more congruent with his own high ethical standards.

In this climactic age when the perfidy of predatory capitalistic greed is still socially acceptable “bottom line” for motivation and behavior, we all need to learn continuous discernment of both our own and others’ “best practices;” and we can be very very glad and grateful when we see companies actually refusing to go along with an equally unethical government. Like these two, both stories from today’s washington post. Lavabit and Silent Circle put google, yahoo and facebook to shame.

Snowden’s email provider is closing, cannot legally say why

Another e-mail service shuts down over government spying concerns

P.S: one small ISP company in Utah has also refused to go along, putting Verizon and AT&T to shame.

Small Utah ISP firm stands up to ‘surveillance state’ as corporations cower

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