TRUTH TIME: Corporatocracy, Fascism, Plutocracy, vs. WE THE PEOPLE POWER

I’ll begin today’s post slowly. First, this, on my telegram feed, from someone who identifies as Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. I also follow one who identifies as John F. Kennedy Jr. Both sources pack a wallop, no matter who they are in “real life.”


Okay, so now that Biden is admitted by one mainstream news source as acting like a dictator, what kind of dictator is he? I.e., are we talking about fascism, or corporatocracy?

I mean, can you believe? So many corporations signaling that they are against the new Voter ID laws to guarantee fair elections? Are the corporations in the clutches of the Democrat party? Or is it the reverse: is the Democrat party in the clutches of the corporations?

WTH Is This? Over 100 Top Corporate CEOs Join First-of-its-kind Call to Denounce Voter ID Laws

Either way, let’s ask: Are we now dealing with a corporatocracy or a fascist leader. Because clearly, something has gone way wrong with our constitutional republic form of government as it was originally designed. And it’s just now becoming glaringly obvious.

I looked up the difference between the two.

If Biden is a puppet, and we know whoever or whatever is playing the part of Bidan IS a puppet, then one might say we are suffering the illusion of a fake fascism that is now being revealed as actually a corporatocracy, if, we can assume, his handlers are governed by some kind of transnational corporate oligarchy that aims to collapse all national borders into its long-planned, draconian, top-down One World Order.

In any case, the difference hardly matters, because what we are really dealing with here is PLUTOCRACY.

Yep! Remember when I first started talking about the first ever Pluto Return to the U.S. Chart? ‘Twas a few years ago, but here are two reminders from 2020.

The thing is, we the people are, more and more, being put on notice that we are seen as slaves, expendable peasants, here to be muffled, separated, jabbed, sickened, destroyed, in one way or another — as many of us as possible, all on the way to the globalist wet dream of a nightmare that used to be labeled, and dismissed, as  “conspiracy theory.”

Oh, and BTW. Check out this video. Another theory about the Ever Given/Evergreen scenario. And of course, there’s no reason why the 18,000 plus containers on that massive ship couldn’t have been holding, not just children for sale, not just weapons of mass destruction, but weapons to put climate change on the map in such a big way that plutocrats like Bill Gates who, remember, has been buying up gobs of farmland, will find very difficult to ignore. Gates, BTW, is personally implicated in this video. Of course, I have no idea how reliable this Turkish source is. On the other hand, I have a feeling that no matter what explanation anyone comes up with for either Evergreen or the state of our world today, it’s nothin’ compared to the actual reality.

Okay folks. It’s time to rise up. From the bottom up. That’s where authentic power resides. The underworld Plutonian power of the living earth herself immersed in the living cosmos, her throbbing heartfelt presence in our own bodies, which are, this particular spring 2021, simply bursting with pent-up aliveness, energized, indeed, utterly furious at being suppressed for so long.

Here’s one thing we can do as individuals, right now. Complete this survey! What a brilliant, obvious, idea! Tell those unelected corporations to go f ___  themselves.

Sent to me by Green Acres Permaculture Village podmate Gabby:

Should CFFS Have a Business Directory or Not?

And of course, always buy locally as we create our small, lively, permaculture farms with each other’s cooperation and support, inside our towns and on their edges. Use  our buying power to support our — still, somehow, existing, despite all corporate/governmental efforts to shut them down — small businesses, like never, ever before.

Corporatocracy can only take over completely if we the people allow it.

We don’t.

Remember John Lennon.

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  1. Tony Costa says:

    This is hard to watch, but maybe it will wake a few people up. They are now forcefully vaccinating mentally ill and infirm people:

    This is wrong on EVERY level. Either we stand up now and END THIS, or humanity is DONE. If I saw this happening in front of me, I would not stand by idly.

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