Trump’s (ambivalent?) relationship with dogs

Yesterday Trump tweeted  his admiration for the German Shepherd that ran into the cave after the ISIS leader,



But earlier, in his news announcement about the death, he said that “he died like a dog.” 

This “crude” remark was then gleefully picked up by all sorts news media.

So, was his admiration a correction of sorts to his “died like a dog” comment? Or does it show Trump’s ambivalence towards the animal most Americans cannot help but love? Remember, after all, that the word “dog,” spelled backwards, is “god”!

The Washington Post, not my favorite newspaper, way back in February published an interesting story of Trump’s history with dogs, and his feeling that getting a dog in the White House would be “phony,” since he would only do it for the optics.

Trump, the first president in a century with no dog, explains why: “I don’t have any time.”

He is also quoted there as saying, “How would I look walking a dog on the White House lawn?”

Well, I have to admit, I did giggle at the thought.

But what would be more interesting, much more interesting, in fact downright revolutionary, forever deepening Trump’s presidency by altering his relationship with his own body and the Earth from which it was formed and  to which it shall one day return, would be for him to do as I have imagined, intended, and repeated here, for months, and now with this addendum:

“If Trump would only walk barefoot in the forest, on mushrooms, WITH A DOG.”

I did do exactly that way back when I was in my early 30s, in an old growth forest near Mendocino with a collie, and I can attest that walking in an altered state through primeval surroundings with a dog deepens the already altered experience profoundly.

I think Joe M is right when he tweeted this today:


But Trump’s continuing ignorance of his own body and its relationship with Earth, while utterly typical of most Americans, is the one relationship he needs to make before I will say that, at least up to this point, despite tremendous ongoing opposition, he is the greatest American president, by far.

Because, if he did WAKE Up to this primordial connection, can you imagine how his already lightning-fast intuitive mind would soar? How his maestro business head would wrap itself around the idea of All Americans connecting with the earth through their own bodies? Of all of us working to recognize, honor, and restore Earth to her glory?



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2 Responses to Trump’s (ambivalent?) relationship with dogs

  1. Ian says:

    I suspect he is sending a message to his deep state friends… They have been sending coded messages to each other regarding dogs for quite some time

  2. rose day says:

    Getting in touch with one’s self is a wonderful thing under the right circumstances wherein timing is paramount yet the mountain of minutia that dedicated governing leaders must deal with could conceivably chew a 40 hour day. Toss in the perpetual boatload of muck lobbed their way 24/7 by the opposition and a compromised media and merely staying above water would seem a lofty goal.

    Consider for a moment the recent boorish behavior directed toward the President and First Lady by Nationals’ fans in DC. ‘Cheap Seats’ to a World Series game start at $1000.00 per ticket and prices for ‘Good Seats’ are termed ‘astronomical’ . . .( so these fans obviously enjoy advantages and one would assume, a modicum of training.

    Are these ‘Coliseums’ packed to the brim by locals (many of whom in this case are purportedly governmental bureaucrats employed at taxpayer expense)? Is ‘Nationals’ fan behavior emblematic of the US as a whole or is this ‘privilege'(?) available to an uber wealthy minority or is it more likely that the US is majorly under the thumb of a wealthy and totally insulated bureaucracy at every level of governance?

    So yes, a barefoot stroll in the park with a beloved pet would surely seem enticing and ‘just-the-ticket’ for one who has taken on the establishment only to discover with each passing day that the reality of our nation’s central plight is a deliberately infested trounce of our nation’s very fiber by overtly self-serving public officials.

    Many might take that stroll and never return yet Donald Trump has apparently made a commitment to addressing the plight and ‘is still there’ and whatever he has devised to manage the profound negative intention he must deflect daily is obviously working for him in present Time.

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