Trump Strategist Defects, and Here’s Why

This unusually persipacious story —


An Open Letter to Trump Supporters from his Top-Strategist-turned-Defector

— which has gone viral, reminds me of Trump’s natal chart, how it echoes the U.S. chart.

Astrology of Donald Trump and the U.S.A.

Both have morphed into egomaniacs. Trump continues to thrust a distorted cracked mirror into the polarized face of America.

And yet, I for one, am thankful that, besides exposing and lancing the boil of hatred that builds up routinely in this strange, schizophrenic nation that so rewards “individualism” (including “corporate persons”) while either vilifying, ignoring, or only pretending to balance it with concern for The Other, he’s also speaking Truth about the actual, unstated engine of our egonomy (oops!) economy like no other presidential candidate.

Trump tromps on Military Industrial Complex?!?





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