Trump “goes on the offensive,” for WORLD PEACE!

Looking through my twitter feed and other alt-sources, I’m amazed at how Trump’s vow to #EndEndlessWars has taken off. As if, finally, ending these stupid, tragic, costly wars is now assumed by all sorts of people as obvious! All of a sudden, Trump shifted the entire paradigm re: America and its constant wars via tweets and an emotional speech. So grateful! And amazed. Here’s one of his tweets from yesterday. Even now, he’s ramping up his vow.

Meanwhile, remember Wednesday’s letter he wrote to Turkey’s Erdogan? Incredible final line. “Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool! I will call you later.”


And voila! Only 24 hours later, a deal.

Trump celebrates “great day for civilization” as Pence, Pompeo secure Syria cease-fire agreement

Last night, in Texas:

This morning:



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2 Responses to Trump “goes on the offensive,” for WORLD PEACE!

  1. unlike all of my “liberal” friends (who foolishly think that i am one of Them), i actually watched/listened to more than half the uTube of The Trumpster’s great Dallas rally y’day

    it was an interesting and informative viewing experience; highly recommended.

    unfortunately, the FOX coverage was not too imaginative, visually, with the camera relentlessly trained on Our Fearless Leader; of the astonishingly enthusiastic audience, only about 20 folks behind him (fully a third of them with deep tans) were visible; and there was no good shot at all of the KoolAid© machines which were surely in the hall.

    but there were, all tole, over 120 minutes of very revealing, and rather typical, Captain Queeg-like streams of “consciousness”

    though the TX performance was not nearly as “coherent” (and revealing) as his remarkable one the other day when the President of Finland dropped in to the Oval Orifice for a visit

    also Highly Recommended, that one.

    but, for KoolAiders© with brief attention spans, the shorter, dubbed version of it might be sufficient to Get the Gist

    i assume, Ann, that Our Leader’s rhetorical style shows up clearly in his Chart.

    i would like to know where, eggsactly.


    • Ann Kreilkamp says:

      Yes, it does. Sun/Uranus opposite Moon for the “streams of consciousness,” and Mars in first house, in Leo, for the pugnacious style.

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