Is Trump beginning to trump the Deep State?

Though I went through a brief period of completely turning against Donald Trump (the Tomahawk missiles lobbed into the Syrian airbase), I’ve since swung back around to wondering just what he’s up to, and if indeed, despite his surface bluster (which has just about everybody I know mesmerized, and judging against from an attitude of snotty superiority), he’s actually playing a long game, one to either rival master chess player Putin, or — even better — as an unacknowledged partner with Putin, or, perhaps more likely, neophyte Trump has accepted Putin, very seasoned in the geopolitical game, as his mentor.

Meanwhile, thanks to my son Colin, here’s one person’s point of view that aligns with what I’m beginning to suspect. On the other hand, please do keep in mind that the Deep State is miles deep, hydra-headed, and very very sluggish, with, consequently, massive inertial energy. See yesterday’s post.  And remember as well, since the Deep State is enmeshed within 3D, it relies on polarity.

Trump has turned the tables on the Deep State. He is now going after them.

Well worth the time it takes to listen. Just do your yoga like I did while absorbing its various facets.


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3 Responses to Is Trump beginning to trump the Deep State?

  1. Dawn Vierra says:

    I tend to agree with your hypothesis. I’ve been watching Jordan Satgers videos for the last few months and they tend to align with what you shared. I hope it’s actually fact. I felt from beginning Trump would be the dismantler of old systems. Many that people do not realize are so corrupted and are screaming about what he is doing. I feel there is more to him that people give him credit for. And that he is being underestimated. A year ago I wouldn’t have dreamed I would feel this way but I do. Keeping an open mind and observing Not listening to MSM for the most part because it keeps that negative energy flowing. We’ll see

  2. Dawn Vierra says:

    That should say Jordan Sather

  3. Steve says:

    Wishful thinking…..look at the people around him. ..the deepest fascist Bannon…..Britebart news……birds of a feather

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