Trey Gowdy penetrates to the heart of the corruption in politics

This video is going viral. As should be.

And here’s one way of contextualizing what Trey Gowdy is driving at:

An Investigative Pattern Emerges

I came across the above “pattern” piece in my daily news from, an amazing site that I have recently learned to pay attention to.

Meanwhile, the astonishing Trey Gowdy is, BTW, an archetypal example of what someone born during the years 1962-1968, the Uranus/Pluto in Virgo generation, can accomplish. Though we don’t have his birthtime, two positions from his birthdate, August 22, 1964, stand out: 1) His Sun is at the 29° Leo position (exactly on Trump’s Ascendant), and so “born to rule,” due to its conjunction with the royal star Regulus. And 2) His Mercury, the mind, conjoins the Uranus/Pluto conjunction. And frankly, I have never seen such a dazzling display of this generation’s usually unconscious capacity for penetrating (Pluto), breakthrough (Uranus) analytic (Virgo) fireworks made utterly, and fearlessly conscious. The man is extraordinary. Let’s hope he stays in politics, and let’s ask that he be protected from harm.

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  1. Kieron says:

    If he’s so great at piercing corruption, then why did he accept $83,250 in lobbying funds from the telecom industry for his vote to destroy net neutrality? Source:

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